6th Year Anniversary – Some Guy Likes to Throw Things (6/12/10 – Daily VLOG #222)

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Day #222!! Its our 6 year wedding anniversary. We spend the day visiting Natural Bridge Caverns, and eat dinner at Formosa’s Hibachi Grill… it was surely a…

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Jeese Kane says:

this is not funny !!!! :) thei dont know what is fun :|

losingallsanity says:

yeah… lol, I like how he called the 2nd egg a joto when he cracked them open… hahaha

losingallsanity says:

With jena, its just purses in general. The size is somewhat my fault, because I will never let her buy a purse again that her netbook wont fit in… hahaha. Plus it works out great when going to the movies….

ourlifeintext says:

Happy anniversary guys! What is it with woman and giant purses? Man will never understand.

Kevin Ryan says:

that guy at the restaurant was a stitch, cracked me up. Jenna is a little hottie, that dress looked amazing on her. Happy sixth and many more!!!

losingallsanity says:

thanks… hopefully this little youtube thing is around for a few more anniversaries…

losingallsanity says:

yeah, that dude was…. i recorded like the whole time he prepared the food… im thinking about uploading the whole thing as its own video… its pretty funny….

Ryan Gonzales says:

Happy 6′th anniversary guys! Awesome!

Ryan Gonzales says:

“and the new restaurant I bought her” lol. Nice!

Dude, that chef guy was hilarious!

BeernBalls says:

cuteee dressss Jena

Guillermo21071 says:

Happy 6th year anniversary. that guy was funny, egg rolls..LOL

losingallsanity says:

true, but every day in san antonio is insanely humid anyway… so, i guess you get used to it, but 99% is brutal…..

losingallsanity says:

haha… thanks for checking it out, and joining in on the fun. Glad you liked it, we had a blast….

losingallsanity says:

we went into 2 different caverns, the first, no animals are or ever have been able to enter… the 2nd, you could see remnant of bats, but no actual animals. It was really an awesome time, the bracken bat cave isnt far, i should go record there, its the largest concentration of mammals on our planet. Thanks so much for watching.. .glad you enjoyed the vid

losingallsanity says:

lol… nah, i got what you were saying… thanks…

BostonDFi says:

The words are there but I kinda jumbled them… I think I just realized I was late and randomly threw the word belated wherever I felt…sorry about that

BostonDFi says:

Hey guys, happy 6th year belated anniversary!!

BelieveInFate says:

Congrats you guys!!!! The cavern was awesome. Were there any bats down there? Oh, and me and Tiff love going to those kind of restaurants. It’s so much fun!! That guy was awesome!!! Awesome vlog as per usual. :D Hope you guys have MANY more anniversaries in the future and Keep on Vloggin’!!!

WhatsWithWork says:

humidity can make such a nice day so terrible lol

XxLuigisMafiaxX07 says:

Besttttt vlog yet !!!! i had fun just watching aha .

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