Adultery Website Ashley Madison Plans To Go Public In Europe

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Poe Ghost says:

Holy shit, this channel posted stuff! :D 

Princess Amira's Mind Puppet says:

trying to get used to you saying rlm corp

Pazma says:

“Laissez faire” pronounced more like Lay-say fair, Rich, not Lacie’s fair.

Derpy_Dude says:

Haha, I hate this, and this kinda thing in general! f I love someon, then I
LOVE that person, and to bad most people can’t be like that, they get bored
or don’t figure out first that you shouldn’t be together and either wanna
cheat, divorce, or whatever. People don’t know what real love is anymore
and that’s sad, I remember the days when guys would be gentlemen and do
nice things for the girls, still see it once in a very long time but other
then that it’s not the same.

To anyone out there, don’t mess around and do stupid stuff like this, find
the one person you love and stick with them, be a gentleman, be a good
boyfriend/husband, you are not an animal! Don’t go getting multiple girls!
We only need one, and if you can’t stick with one then you shouldn’t have
any girl for anything no matter what. Even opposite, girls, find one guy
you love and stick with him, don’t be messing around with a bunch of guys
and lead them on or whatever! Dam, do people need to hear this all day?
Only if their smart and listen they don’t. Animals are animals, Humans are
human, we are different, don’t act like a species your not.

TheDandragon123 says:

Is this ur second channel?

reven50 says:

Put your sausage in the hottest grill. Nothing tastes better.

غابين darklord says:

Europeans don’t really care about marital structure, so this should be a
big hit.

Cyberdemon531 says:

waiting for him to slip up and say “rich of reviewtechusa” at the end of
one of these. Gonna happen eventually.

Omar says:


RoGu3SP4RN297 says:

This website is disgusting.

Bobby Muddymud says:

Cheating is shitty, but if I were to cheat I suppose I would want it to be

Jayden2602 says:

“I haven’t smoked weed since 2002″ WHY AND WOW LOL

thefilmdirector1 says:

I dont care what the excuse is, every single person who has used this site
is disgusting and can burn for all i fucking care. But ive been cheated on
so im bias. #ohwell

CraigheadPro says:

Odd way to make money isn’t it.

Killers455 says:

i saw an ad for this on tv in canada

MobileDecay says:

So what? With or without this site these people are gonna cheat. Might as
well get it over with and allow these women to find out because they will
and this site will leave info in there browser so there wife or whatever
will find out and move on to someone better. I think this site is a good
thing. It basically helps good women find better men even if they have to
cry a little first.

OnlyAMan says:

Wasn’t this on a porn site?

217awsome says:

Rich did weed confirmed. Stole $200 worth of that too. *tut tut*

Patrick Nolan says:

I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced LAY-SAY-FAIR but you know…

Patrick Jensen says:

Eh, cheating is way too big of a deal. We should be way more chill about
who we put our dick in. Really, sex ain’t a big deal. After all there are
differen’t types of love and sexual relationships is one of them, I think
that the loving another person type of love shouldn’t effect sexual love,
or the other way around. But hey maybe we some time in the future get a
chill way of looking at things.

But as much as I think that cheating shouldn’t be a big deal you shouldn’t
hurt somebody elses feelings like that.. it is cruel.

Wizkid490 says:

Laissez-faire – Live and let live.

DubstepinWithSmoke says:

Sooooo do you miss the weeed?

KatoMotto says:

I have to confess. I’m currently in a relationship with Math, I cheat on it
all the time. Is it the morally right thing to do? Yes. Why? Because it’s
mental abuse to humans.

Twilight Angel says:

Where’s your face Rich?

generalcoon47 says:

This is literally one of the sleaziest, trashiest things I’ve ever seen.
You want some cheap, diseased internet floozy instead of someone who
committed to you and actually cares (or at least thought they could)? Fine.
That’s your choice but at least have the humanity to break up with them
first. But of course, if you go on this site, you probably don’t have an
ounce of that anyway. That goes for men AND women.


I forgot that i was subbed to this channel

Derek Bao says:

If you’re going to do this which I like you should switch through different
images just for when people look at the video it doesn’t feel boring

ReviewPunchOutUSA says:

I might make a site where if someone scammed $200 from someone, people on
the website would know.

DeityBlade Gaming says:

There needs to be facecam or some kind of video to keep this interesting.
Your natural charisma just dosen’t come through in this format.

Ryanardo.Davinci says:

Happy to see you are posting stuff on this channel man!

Haku Hatake says:

People sicken me! XD

marteronde says:

“kinda depressing” yes yes it is

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