After Hours (1985): Back-at-the-terminal

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The clip back-at-the-terminal from After Hours (1985) with Griffin Dunne, Griffin Dunne. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Well, well, what happened to you?
Long, difficult story.
Honestly, when you didn’t show up for so long, I figured you did rob me blind.
I had to close up here to check it out. A neighbor told me he did see you leave.
But he wasn’t too sure about you either.
But here you are.
I tell you, you had me worried.
How about a drink? Sure look like you could use one.
You don’t happen to have any powerful aphrodisiacs back there, do you?
She won’t put out?
No, it’s not for her. It’s for me.
I seem to have gotten myself involved with…
…one of your cocktail waitresses.
- Miss Beehive, 1965. – Yes.
Don’t even ask me how.
So take off. What’s she gonna do, kill herself?
What’s up, Rich?

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