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They Control the money system and will always win this system. They are Selling & Buying Litturally The Whole Planet They Destroyed Hundreds of Millions of people by WAR. They are Worshipping NOT Jesus but obviously the Opposite They killed Jesus THEY are Planning To KILL US ALL and already DO , they poison us slowly Now you can talk………..

tafbutton blue16 ALL TERRORISM Comes from ROME


WeAreONEbigFamily says:

Indeed and The Bush Administration was controlled by Rome through The arch bisschop of NY

Albert Sneij says:

The Reverend was not right at 2.10

sorry I had to come back and say that Wright was wrong at 2.10.
911 was not out side (Muslim) violence ; it was American Government violence against American People ,

Albert Sneij says:

I wish to say a word , in person, to Rev Wright: that the chicken did not come home to roost; because there were no chicken. there were no “Muslim terrorists” He was fooled by the big Government lie. The terrorist gang was American ie; the Pentagon/ George bush and company. It was inside Job.
However, Wright’s presentation is very deep and accurate /honest about American Terrorism; it made my skin shiver.

WeAreONEbigFamily says:

Indeed The Pentagon was never hit by a plane , maybe a drone or a Missile

WeAreONEbigFamily says:

This line:
Also, their are many higher orders and committees above the Jesuits

is hilarious

arzoyan says:

To share the Earth in cooperation for all generations to come, A MONEYLESS,CLASSLESS,STATELESS communities of humanity expressing our multitude of creative energies in harmony and wisdom, The current world socio-economic minority imposition is the negation and alienation of our common humanity Capitalism in corporate or state modality is the tyranical rule of RULING ELITE . The awakening is inevitable, the revolution a must

Albert Sneij says:

Any how ,you made a good piece. I wish it was longer, much longer. I wish if I can make the same .

Albert Sneij says:

Further, the reverend made a big mistake in siding with (black) Obama, who dumped him ,later, very fast. The reverend has a touch of racism; and I will say it to his face, as a constructive criticism; after all he is not perfect.

Albert Sneij says:

The pentagon was not hit by a plane; nor was there a plane in Shanksville,PA. I have doubts about WTC planes that they were computer graphic images. O yes the government can cheat a lot, in order to deceive the people into invading another country(s).

Albert Sneij says:

I love this brave reverend; but he is making a big mistake ,which was promoted by the terror system; that 911 was a reaction- by those terrorists- to the violence that was done by the USA. the entire fiction of 911 is being challenged by many people, seekers of the truth. The towers did not collapse ; they EXPLODED . and it was high tech military inside job. See Judy Wood, Alex Jones, George Noory ,Steven Jones, and lot others. In the Pentagon part, the FBI confiscated all other security vid.

IslamLite says:

In Palestine: The fact and the problem is between oppressor and oppressed, thieves and victims…. Nothing to do with Jews and Muslims, it is plane steeling the land and oppressing its population the same as the European did to the Native Americans, it’s no good beating about the bush….. It’s the arrogance against peaceful folks, right and wrong!

ImMindFukinUrytnow says:

YOU ARE NOT THE MOST CIVILIZED, YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS RULE. Stealing from and raping another man’s land does not make you civilised. Greed does not make yourself civilised PERIOD!

If that is all you have to say for yourself then….well your words speak for themselves you Filth Ridden SON OF A BITCH. SMH!

MsRosa58 says:

You harvest what you is time to pay for crimes against humanity .You pretend to be saints ,Yet you make your wealth on the blood of poor country’s . How could you not be suffering? you broth all the evil upon yourselves .Stop blaming Rome for your own evil .You are the real threat to the world! Your land will be turn into a waste land where only the vipers and all unclean animals and unclean spirits will thrive!

xander7ful says:

Thank you for telling the truth that many of us are waking up to.

TheBahrainvoice says:

Please for the sake of Humanity you must help spread the Truth and wake up all sleeping friends and families that are still hypnotized by Zionist propaganda media. In the street of US, people are very Islamophobic because of the lies they are fed. Please do your duty and tell everyone the truth. Iran will set the world all free from Zionist Banksters.

StSimonMartyr says:

I am the Witness Website

Jesuits didnt have Christ killed, shouting..
or Practice Usury, Communism, Fractional Currency, Fiat debt notes, debtors prison, Abortion et al

strongfoot2009 says:

You are right . The USA became the most dangerous military force on earth . Importunately NATO follow the USA like little puppets in iron chains .

Tonic Kemestry says:

strong message man

katsfanman says:

LCULT = Love Care Unite Live Together !

TheIcelandicPatriot says:

All men are flawed but sometimes too great. We should fight if it comes need for it.
We like to think we’re fighting for the good side, but when civillians die even if it’s just one who are we to say we are the good and not the evill. War is a soldiers game, not civillians.

UnoRaza says:

How about we just torch their Golden Goose that pays all the BRIBES and a lot more?


jerseygrl5 says:

Not maybe Rev. Wright was correct, of COURSE he was correct!!! I have to wonder what he thinks of the actions of his former congregant, BO, who apparently is a sell out.

phillisthebarbarian says:

This is why I’m voting RON PAUL. He’ll stop bombing other we do not know.  He’ll bring troops home.

Indict the white collar paper pushers who created this awful approach to capitalism. Down with the white collar.

skb0rzn says:

Proud to be first! :) May I mirror?

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