Amy at the club

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Amy is an awful person. (From “Eliza Skinner is: SHAMELESS!”, by Eliza Skinner)

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karl75m says:

LOL, ewww that song is laaaame.

bigvirgotube says:

Blue Solo cup,
I lift you up,
And throw it at Amyyyy,
Throw it at Amyyyyyy…

EddietheHead32 says:

I like the way how she sways her body. Other than that, Amy is very annoying.

SarahahaProduction says:

oh right that one. Haha. Jenna Marbles rocks.

bigvirgotube says:

About ‘White Girls At The Club’. Check it on her channel. It’s pretty..interesting..all Jenna Marbles.

SarahahaProduction says:

that’s true!

SarahahaProduction says:

wait what? What did Jenna say?

bigvirgotube says:

I’d like to see Eliza do more with the ‘Amy’ character: Amy at the Movies, Amy In The Mall, Amy Running a Suicide…

Sinenox says:

Me: No, this is how a lot of people I meet in NYC talk now.
Friend: I really think it’s the Valley girl speech. It went from the late 90s westward, and is only now hitting New York. It picked up desperation as it traveled through the Midwest. Vacuous bitchy to Rockies laid back to desperation in the Midwest and it hit New York and added aggressive in. So basically just the worst of all worlds. You’d rather meet the original Valley Girl.

crewifyable says:

one thing to say and one thing only…..white people… XD

crewifyable says:


bigvirgotube says:

And Paul and Amy lived happily ever after, with three kids…

bigvirgotube says:

Sooo…Jenna Marbles was right about this, after all!!

DeepRedMasochist says:

I punch cunts like this in the face. The reaction is quite funny.

localfox1000 says:

quality comedy with a quality dialog.
this should have more views, its hillarious.

Armedifus says:

funny shit

mmthewoodman1 says:

I, for one, am an Eliza fan.
Funny, smart, and pretty.
Keep it up.
A Fan

mmthewoodman1 says:

I, for one, am totally infatuated with Eliza.
She is funny, smart, and pretty.
Keep up the awesome work.
a fan

86turkishman says:

wheres a suicide bomber when u need one!!!! FUCK!!

Xhalph says:

Why is it that chicks named Amy are always crazy?

MrOmeMan says:

Damn… I punched my computer….I forget this was youtube for a second…

TheJoshFord says:

Woah! I feel sorry for Paul! lol

Geekella says:


kingcamilo says:

wat the fuck happened to th pimp hand, paul?

قثصض صثقف says:

wow that is such a klingon ……..

kia9000guy says:

id punch tht bitch in the face

JamskiProductions says:


Brett Anderson says:

Paul: Oh my god! Vomit that’s gross! And you think I wanna make out with you after…meh, sure, why not?

SSAS89867 says:

nice !
from japan

David Horwitz says:

this was so funny. thank you!

supnancy says:

Hahaha the song is perfect too

supnancy says:


SarahahaProduction says:

I actually know a few people like this…

Hadarchik says:

This is perfect.
Except the cup. It should be red.

randomnessnessnes says:

omfgg i loveee youuu <3

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