Are there fake women’s profiles on

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tafbutton blue16 Are there fake womens profiles on


Bertrand Van Basten says:

Total BS. He is lying at 1:47, or at the least has done a huge U-turn. AM’s tems and conditions now admit that AM will contact users through fake accounts. They call it “Ashley’s AngelsTM”. The site is bogus. Oh, and hey, it’s not that I’ve had no success, it’s that so much of the profiles and messages you get are completely disingenuous.

John handcock says:

bullshit all dateing sites scam they collecet info from other sites and have fake responses… no dateing site starts with real people dont go on dateing sites meet people in person

ghosttimer says:

Lol that’s funny life is short have an affair that’s consider online dating.We get blam for thinking it’s a escort site.

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