Ashley Madison Founder Noel Biderman in Australia Part 2

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Ashley Madison Founder Noel Biderman in Australia –

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GunnarWyattKelley says:

Ashley Madison may not directly promote marital affairs or the sort, but it DOES encourage it in many ways. In my opinion, it’s absolute garbage and is a gateway for a terrible act.

onelifetoliveintheus says:

If you’re not enjoying a monogamous relationship then join a polygamous one where it’s consensual amongst everyone.

GreenLaughs Rod says:

The site ain’t promoting jack. If you married and the site comes across any of your senses, you either ignore it or you join. Period.

remix1on1 says:

This medium that in theory is suppose to be used for good has turn into a tool that causes millions of murder. Besides that that are carry out in warfare. So is the gun the bad thing or the person pulling the trigger? This is Ashley Madison… merely a website, a tool and nothing more. Whether or not one uses it is not the mens fault. But that of the individual themselves.

remix1on1 says:

Are you fucking stupid? or incredibly naive? This men is merely selling a medium by which, already deceptive partners, can fufil their needs. Let me give you a simple analogy. Gun manufactures make guns for a different array of activities. From supplying countries with arms by which they can defend themselves or simply for the recreational activity of hunting by a single individual. Well we know that guns themselves are not evil but when in the hands of an evil Person…..

azn1011 says:

meh, if you’re going to go by a strictly business standpoint, then sure. but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something…really wrong and sleazy about all this.

ichibakudan says:

lol no man, i don’t even have an account. I’m just saying is was a brilliant business idea.

azn1011 says:

are you one of the fake profiles ashley madison creates to ‘wink’ at people on the site?

ichibakudan says:

what deception? sue him for what? he is not deceiving anyone! he just popularized something that has been prevalent within every society across the world for hundreds of years. In my own opinion this man is a genius and sort of monopolized on a brilliant idea and niche in the market.

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