Ashley Madison on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien

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Ashley Madison on Starting Point – Ashley Madison CEO Tells Soledad O’Brien Why He’s Trying to Buy Up Rush Limbaugh’s Abandoned Advertising Space

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duffdastuff21 says:

while its not his fault other people cheat. It’s morally reprehensible that he provides such a service and glamorizes such activity. He loves to say he’s preserving marriages but thats probably the 1% against the other 99 who’s marriages get ruined by extra marital affairs. That’s like saying cigarets preserve your lungs because 1 out of every hundred cigarette smokers have healthy lungs. It’s dumb logic. And no matter where you come from you should be against lying to and deceiving your spouse!

ashleymadisonscam says:

Customer # 13940668 needs a refund, Ashley Madison!

No mention of the fact that Ashley Madison wants you to spend a ton of money opening bait emails, then they don’t return the money. Members are NOT protected from Ashley Madison having employees send out little messages from their own accounts saying stuff like “ru online? care 2 chat”? The man opens (pays to open the email), not knowing thats all that is in it.

They don’t answer if you respond, of course, and you blew the credits…

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