Ashley Madison Rejected Superbowl Spot

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Fun Ashley Madison Commercial that was rejected from the Superbowl. Ashley Madison is the premier dating site for people looking for relationship outside their relationship. Click here to find out more, or find an affair:

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smkalberta1 says:

Next we will have heroin users website to match people who use together and alcoholics can also get together for free booze. The lack of morale responsibility in this is unbelievable.

AppalachianKnight77 says:

that’s bull shit!! There are many people out there that “cheat” because they are convinced that their spouse will not find out! That is a load of garbage!

coxi666 says:

If people are cheating the relationship won’t last, so in that sense, there is nothing wrong with cheating.

AppalachianKnight77 says:

why don’t you throw a few more “fucks” in there, that way you’ll really look like a winner!? Speaking of “fucks” why don’t you RE-READ what I FUCKING said “initially!!” I said that the website “PROVOKES” key word genius “PROVOKES people to cheat” provoking in Websters fucking dictionary meaning to “lure or entice” and that’s exactly what the website does! It entices people to make a choice to cheat not to say that they would not anyway but that is irrelevant the website is garbage!

xis10ce says:

no, who the fuck said it was? i’m specifically referring to the comment “This website provokes a wicked act and tears families apart.”, and i asked if you honestly believed that because it is fucking retarded. a website can’t make people cheat, people will do what they do. pay attention to what the fuck YOU’RE doing

AppalachianKnight77 says:

…so promoting infidelity is acceptable?? Making commercials publicly about a website that promotes and provokes people to cheat on their husbands and wives is okay??

xis10ce says:

do you honestly believe this website makes people cheat? as if those people wouldn’t cheat anyway?

DollaramaShopper says:

What’s with the random Capybara?

reggie02062 says:

Message directed to the yellow tulip you talking some shit first of all marriage is a damn choice not the law just as easy to stay single if you think yoir gonna get tired of looking at one face for the rest of your life ok it’s stupid to get married then decide you wanna fuck around think before you marry btw i am single and i like it that way..

ArSEnalV6 says:

me gusta mucho 

attheveryend says:

I second Moosewatkinsisamyth’s assessment. This is fucking weird.

AppalachianKnight77 says:

Yeah you’re right…maybe they have been cheated on…OR, maybe they enjoy a valuable and precious marriage that is worth something and maybe they have families and just MAYBE they hate to see this “cancer” of a website try to ruin such beautiful relationships! This website provokes a wicked act and tears families apart. The women that use this are ungodly, Sodomistic fucking whores!

PaulYall27 says:

youtube is no place for christians…

threeclock says:


seanqwertybob says:

but the advert didn’t even make sense… if you’re going to justify infidelity with bullshit, at least make it convincing… or for fucks sake, at least let it make sense.



Playboyy1985 says:

I guarantee you most people on that site are single not married

AppalachianKnight77 says:

Get what’s called a “DIVORCE” you unrighteous bitch!!

Myeshia says:

lmao at this commercial…but fuck that cheating shit.

shadypeach says:

I’m tiger woods and I approve this message.

gekisen01 says:

It’s not this company’s fault. It’s society’s… they’re just capitalizing on it..

amer91o1 says:

this is outrageous…. i hate these types of people. i mean how the fuck did they get a capibara i always wanted one :(

SurferEddie says:

Fun little fact: The commercial was not rejected because of the content, but its absurdly low production value

TheYellowtulip says:

How about if the husband that you walked down the aisle beat you, never had time to have sex with you until you felt worthless, you would be down there in a minute waiting for some guy to pay some attention to you. Put yourself into other peoples shoes before you judge them.

TheYellowtulip says:

Ashley madison would not make a stupid commercial like this. This looks cheap and slutty and not all people on ashley are young stupid blonde bimbos with nice bodies and bikinis. Some are older and overweight and not like some idiotic american britney spears with her stupid sex songs..

TheYellowtulip says:

Yes there should be a website for people frustrated in their marriages. They don’t have time to go around bars and bookstores. They should be able to read a profile and see a picture of the person they are meeting.

TheYellowtulip says:

There is nothing low about finding partners who don’t take you for granted and physically and emotionally abuse you like your spouse does. Yes, you will say why don’t they leave instead, but some people can’t leave so easily. Divorce costs a lot of money that some people just don’t have and the kids are growing up and might need the finances of both parents. There are also religious people that get married and are afraid of normal sex. There are so many reasons, so who are you to judge?.

TheYellowtulip says:

In other countries they don’t have to advertise. It’s a well known fact that Europe is much more open about sexuality. Look at there sexual commercials and more have open relationship then in usa. In some other countries women have 3 husbands or many wives.

TheYellowtulip says:

Yes, they should think about getting divorce but not when kids are involved and when you have to settle living in a one small bedroom apt rather than a house and have your kids go to a bad school, when you would just rather get noticed by a man that will actually respond and find you attractive rather than your lazy couch potato husband who won’t give a damn.

TheYellowtulip says:

There is nothing disgusting about people who have problems in their marriage and want to find that spark that they are missing in their routine and boring marriages. Tell this to the many women that are too religious to give men oral sex because they have some crazy paranoia about it. Tell it to the women who have husbands that are completely indifferent towards them telling them ” Honey don’t block the TV view when they come out in nice lingerie trying to seduce them. (continued)

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