Ashley Madison, the business of infidelity

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I checked my inbox on Yahoo mail and noticed that an advertisement message for Ashley Madison was there waiting for me. The Disposable Human Doing told me ab…

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ShibuyaRiver says:

Typical MRA bullshit. Go to your clubs and fuck a fat chick to feel

man slave says:

! L O L ! You’re probably correct, that inbox probably is full. Too bad is
bogus info in the account.

Rucak says:

With that profile, I bet your inbox is already full.

DudeDesi07 says:

who says its a man’s world? when it is women are the privilidged one,
interestingly for the human female they can find a man or more than one man
besides daddy who can treat them like a person yet same the same thing
generally speaking at least can’t be said about the human male

Dimitri Vincheov says:

killer vid Man Slave…you had me rollin’ the first 10 minutes!

man slave says:

Very true.

DudeDesi07 says:

/the mother of the male was the only woman presumably in his life that
treated him you know like a person…and he yearns to go back to that time
period, but he can’t do that with his mom so he tries to do it with other
females/ the sad story of the human male

wclac says:

So the person who owns AM is a mangina. Manginas are also part of the
problem. Even fruitcake judges don’t care if wives are unfaithful.

wclac says:

I really wouldn’t consider females to be human, seeing how they are in

darkbyke says:

Here it is, google for “woman uses for meals” and you will find

darkbyke says:

Have you listened to the rollersteve episode where he talks about online
dating scam? I mean this is bad yeah, probably one of the worst because
they advocate for cheating/divorcing. I should go back and see if I can
find that vid, it was pretty good. Also, the woman who went on free dates
and meals through dating sites like this.

man slave says:

We need to talk more. Perhaps on Skype or the phone. We got a lot to talk
about and I think you’ll like it.

SnowHawk601 says:

I didn’t know that. Women shouldn’t be (ashamed), there are birth control
pills and condoms. They should be more ashamed for being slutty, more than
half of all women get an STD once in their life, with currently 25 percent
having STDs -that’s according to the CDC.

man slave says:

Did you know that women are ashamed of their dependence upon their
reproductive biological role and are jealous of men for being able to get
out into the world and create things that shape the world? Women are
somewhat aware that they have chosen to be enslaved by their reproductive
biology and yet they are still reluctant to transcend that role because it
will diminish the influence they have and their ability to receive the
protection and provision.

SnowHawk601 says:

I’ve only came across female cheaters on online dating sites. Women are
only good for sex. Getting emotionally attached to them is the biggest
mistake you can make. Good vid BTW

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