Banned Commercials Superbowl 2011 in Dallas – Ashley Madison

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Ashley Madison has repeatedly been rejected from advertising during the Super Bowl. Is the censorship warranted? is the world’s premiere dating site for people who are already married looking for something more.

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Shaun Warvad says:

wow look the like bar looks like a red lightsaber

babyblaze2011 says:

wounder ho gets more views..unbanned superbowl commercials or banned ones O-o

RtheoneTolbert says:

by a fukking lot

syahrudien says:

that make us a big laugh

siberianhuskybud says:

the sound is off from the comercials

hinatahyuuga10000 says:


TheLionHeart95 says:

Getting your ads banned on purpose, pure genius. So my marketing strategy of negative publicity will work. Take that bosses!

pawz63 says:

Can u tell me why my post will not post to a comment that was flagged as spam–and it was NOT spam–nothing wrong with the guys comment I’ve tried several times and it says error try again– which i did 3 times and still won’t post–

NameConcealed says:

i need one 2 :( 

pawz63 says:


NameConcealed says:

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111ONE

MrNinja543 says:

on tv

MrNinja543 says:

i saw some of those :)

pawz63 says:

WHY AM I WATCHING THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

donhonki1 says:

Check out the official crown court papers that lead to my “5 year rap & poetry ban” (video on my page)

“Donhonki” “First ever crown court BANNED uk rap-poet” (2009-2014)


ryann45 says:

only 4 people are jealous cause they cant make a commercial like this

ruyuvaraj says:

nt bd

muffines517 says:

um kinda lame

rocaho001 says:

the offness is extremely ANNOYING

synthfreakify says:

Great, but the commentary is about one commercial behind.

andreo says:

Very interesting. However the sound went out of sync about half way trough or so… way off sync.

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