Big Picture Rumble – GOP Obsessed w/Women’s Sex Lives?

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Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator/Activist & Christy Setzer, New Heights Communications & Dutch Martin, Project 21 all join Thom Hartmann.

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BrotherWoody1 says:

Diabetes is a disease. Pregnancy isn’t. For Thom, life may not be a
“sacrament” but for most Americans, life, liberty & the pursuit of
happiness are still foundational values & “life” is still mentioned first
as being the sine-qua-non for the other two. Sorry, Thom, but you’re going
to need to be willing to get rid of the State before you can rid yourself
of the Corporatist-State with which, Neolibs aligned themselves long ago &
find themselves in the same economic prison as the Neocons. Both political
movements are running out of other people’s money to squander.

Ralph Skyscraper Bennett says:

Chris of BP got it wrong. While I’m not a Republican, I heard the statement
accurately. It’s actually an empowering statement FOR women. It says that
women have the ability to make their own decisions without the assistance
of the government. Klanned Parenthood, yes Klanned, doesn’t necessarily
have the best intentions when it comes to “family planning”. Watch Maafa 21
on YouTube to receive your education about Klanned Parenthood.

Azazel Acheron says:

Any woman who thinks overpopulation of this planet is a good thing, should
have her tubes tied, and clitoris removed…

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