Casanova Russian president Putin hot with models & sports.

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Casanova Russian president Putin hot with models & sports.

Russian President does not hide his relation with hot and sexy women who keep president in shape to rule the country.A bizarre thing happened in Russion political history and that is an amicable divorce between Putin and his wife Lyudmila after living together for 30 years. It is not a hoax news. It is really a true event and this is being a civilized divorce.Putin and Lyudmila has two daughters Mariya and Yekaterina.
Wife says that her marriage is now over because they practically do not see each other.
President Putin is very romantic and sex-seeking person even at his 61.
Mr.Putin has bee n affair with many models, actresses and sport women to ooze out his adrenaline. The Foreign media speculates a to who is Mrs.Vladimir Putin no 2. But there is no need of it.
Some of the many glamorous women who are considered to be close to the frequently shirtless President.She is an Olympics gold medal-winning gymnast, a member of Russia’s Parliament Duma, a cover girl for Vogue Russia and the rumoured mistress of the Russian strongman.
Russian daily Moskovsky Korrespondent, which reported way back in 2008 that Alina Kabayeva was secretly engaged to Putin, had to retract the story. The paper was soon forced to shut shop completely.
In 2007, at the age of 24, Alina became a member of Duma and also took charge of a media empire that controls several TV channels and a newspaper.
The 30-year-old Alina reportedly has a son and a daughter with the 61-year-old Russian President. Really, Putin is very hot at 61 and his married wife was also old. How can she quench fire of Putin.
When Putin’s wife Lyudmila was not seen in public for over a year; some media reports claimed that she had been ‘locked away’ in a nunnery or a mental asylum so that the Russian President could enjoy his tryst with Alina peacefully.
Putin has never made any effort to hide his fondness for nubile women half his age.
Yet, eyebrows were raised when he hired 25-year-old former glamour model Yana Lapikova as his personal photographer in 2011.

Yana, a former Miss Moscow contestant, was appointed as one of Putin’s official personal photographers, responding to media’s question , “We don’t select photographers based on gender. She is a really good photographer, her modeling past doesn’t concern us at all, it is not a crime”.
The real life story of Anna Chapman, a seductive-spy-turned-lingerie model, could give James Bond films a run for their money.
Anna, an economics graduate and CEO of a fictitious company, was arrested in New York City in 2010 on charges of acting as a spy for Russia. It was revealed that Anna had planned to seduce a senior member of United States President Barack Obama’s administration to gather vital information for her masters in Russia.She became a celebrity when she returned to Russia as part of a spy swapping deal.

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