Censoring the Exotic: The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations

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In the news lately has been talk of the governments further intervention of adult online video, of course for the sake of children. This is a discussion of the issues and my opinion on the…

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Ross Kieran Twyford says:

Another thing worth noting is that a number of the worst child abusers were
doing tv shows etc designed to be viewed by children rather than adults
(remember Jimmy Saville, anyone?) I’m not aware of many confirmed child
abusers/rapists who made or make mature material- only example I can think
of really being Roman Polanski.

rorrt says:

You have hit the nail so hard on the head; the nail has shot through the
earth and has impaled some poor koala in Australia.
When will the government realise that regulating the internet is like
trying to herd cats?

If the BBFC, or BBMC want to regulate against seriously illegal activities,
children, snuff or anything like that. You will get no protest from me.
But as you say, if both parties are consenting, and of age. And whether
that requires a special contract to be signed by pornographic actors to
ensure this. That is an idea that could be implemented if done correctly.

And i had no idea they might be regulating the internet in the way being
proposed, censoring comments? JeSuS ChRiSt!!!

I don’t think this was Tim Berners Lee’s vision on the way his invention
would be used and regulated. 

Derek Wright says:

Great video, Glenn. This whole policy drive is a reaction to violent “rape
porn” by some rapist and murderers. The key word is “some”, if I thought
banning trangressive porn would stop murder and violence I would happily
burn all copies of this material. But damaged individuals view even
mainstream media in a way that reinforces their twisted desires; Jeffrey
Dahmer had nearly worn away the section of his VHS copy of “The Return of
the Jedi” where Luke is “zapped” by the emperor . When questionned why
this was Dahmer advised he wished he could have dominated his victims like
Fellow serial killer Ted Bundy tried to explain away his guilt by claiming
porn had corrupted him. See

Hopeful this Govt – happy to send kids into poverty- is on the way out.

M Chambers says:

The UK has a FAR worse problem with censorship than the USA. These new porn
laws are extremely subjective.

As you may recall the People’s Republic of California (my home state)
passed in 2012 a law forcing ALL newly produced porn to use condoms. WTF?

The porn industry threatened to leave California but never made good as
predictably the law is almost impossible to enforce. Is a new state agency
going to review ALL new porn to ensure the industry’s following the new
rules? There isn’t enough time to watch it all, presuming they didn’t go

Vic Flange says:

Seedy public schoolboys banning practices between consenting adults. They
really are a laughingstock. Although it’s typical of the Tories to shut
down another British industry.

Muskateering says:

God I hate this country. 

M Chambers says:

The UK and Canada also have extremely draconian speech crime laws. Even
outlawing the Roman salute!

They call it “hate speech” laws. However even hateful speech should be
permitted as it is extremely subjective. I saw a UK “town hall” talk show
discussing free speech vs the anti Muslim cartoons. The network didn’t even
have the guts to show the cartoons in question. And even those journalists
supporting free speech still agreed with “hate speech” laws! Meaning
they’re not really for freedom of speech.

Most of Europe and Canada also ban the sale of ANY Nazi writings or
imagery. Even for historical purposes!

atthebridge says:

It seems to be bad news if you’re a female ‘sub’. Or a male ‘sub’
Twas ever thus, pick the things that nobody will publicly defend then
gradually spin the web wider and wider.
I think the censor kitty is the best idea, imagine trying to download porn
with that thing staring at you.

RainPictures1 says:

Spot on as always, Lampyman! I totally agree with you, what your* goverment
is doing is wrong and utterly unaccptable!

(*I live in The Netherlands, but I feel very sorry that this bullshit still

InvidNinja92 says:

Outstanding video Glenn.

nohozana says:

These sjw’s such as gale dines want to control everything you do, even in
the bedroom.

CaptainCharismaY2J says:

Great video as always Glen

LineaDeus says:

Its another step to Totalitarianism. Stopping people from being offended,
its totalitarian feeling and thought crime prevention against the offended,
not the offender. That is fascist totalitarianism

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