Chinese Wedding Rush On ‘Love You Forever Day’

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How Lovely icon smile Chinese Wedding Rush On Love You Forever Day Extra government officials are drafted in to cope with demand as thousands tie the knot across ChinaThousands of couples have flocked to marry in registry offices across China, hoping that the auspicious date will bring them good luck in their relationships. The Mandarin for January 4, 2013 sounds similar to the phrase “I will love you all my life”, triggering a surge in wedding ceremonies. In Beijing it was reported that 10000 couples have tied the knot, and many more turned up without an appointment. Extra government staff were drafted in to cope with the increased demand. In Hong Kong, places at the city’s five marriage registries were fully booked by September 20 last year, and some 558 ceremonies have taken place. The South China Morning Post said that while the date was popular, demand was eclipsed by December 12, 2012 when 680 couples married, and November 11 2011 when 1002 couples married. Dates with matching days, months and years are thought to bring good fortune. More than 10 million weddings take place in China each year, and the number of ceremonies peaks on dates seen as numerically important. 中國婚禮上衝”永遠愛你日” で中国の結婚式ラッシュ’はあなたが永遠に日愛’ راش عروسی چینی بر روی ‘عشق شما برای همیشه لطفا برای روز Fiebre de boda chino On ‘Love You Forever Day’ Corrida de casamento chinês On ‘Love You Forever Day’ Chiński szczytu Wedding On ‘Love You Forever Day’

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