Deborah Kerr in “An Affair to Remember”

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Clip full of wonderful photos of Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant, in “An Affair to Remember”

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Monique classique says:

Muchas gracias!

rafael valls perez says:

! Que buen trabajo señora, la felicito !

myrta arona says:

esta película es inolvidable es una rimade del puente de waterloo conrobert taylos y vivian leigh myrta arona argentina

myrta arona says:

maravillosos todas tenemos un amor inovidable o lo tuvimos que siempre anidará en nuestro corazón y son pocas que lo pueden conservar en su vida. yo lo recuerdo siempre con nostalgia o será que exttraño aquellos años de ilusiones y juventud? mytrta arona margentina

bernadette Gardner says:

Tears, Tears & u only get one of them in a life time !!!

renata remesova says:


princess114243 says:

What a beautiful song & movie. when we arrived in New York our driver said is there any where you would like me to take you sight seeing and my husband said yes please The Empire State Building.we love New York

brooklyn jazz doc says:

Such refined and classic beauty from the leading lady. Such manners and decorum from the leading man. Such a wonderful rendition of the score. All the tension, complexity, charades, mystery, and action, romance and kissing you could ever want, but given with total style and class! Thanks to the producer for letting us share!

Jesus Puentes says:

preciosa pelicula , y es efectivamente solo para enamorados sin remedio, atte ing puentes

Maria Vitale says:

I love this movie. The song is beautiful and makes me cry. But can someone please post the other music from this movie. The Tomorrowland and Your Conscience songs. I think they are cute. Thanks.

amanteamada1 says:

Para RECORDAR SIEMPRE. MBUENAS las fotos y el tema cantado MAGISTRALMENTE x Vic Damone.

Diavidia says:

Thanks for sharing :-)

hisangel816 says:

i love him my favorite theres no man like him

Dion1957 says:

Sorry, Nora Efrone, Guys do get this film…..”Sleepless in Seatle”

Hugo Gimenez says:

MUSICA INOLVIDABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2307sm says:

A love song and message from all lovers to their beloveds , From Here to Eternity. Another great song of love and rememberance of lovers torn apart by., the ravishes of war. Two Magnificant movies staring the beautiful actress Deborah Kerr., From Here To Eternity sang by Frank Senatra, equally conveying the loves and memories in the lives of all who live and love

nancylamottfan says:

Oh, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this video…!

gyasudda says:

It is your lucky day with naughty hot chicks

Kittielips says:


nancyfloressantos says:

Theme song from the 1957 movie with the same title

Aclaflima says:

Maravilhoso! Totalmente diferente de tudo que existe hoje. Um show de interpretação. Inigualável!!!!

nancyfloressantos says:

Treasured and cherished………forever…..”our love affair may it always be…….a flame to burn through eternity…… take my hand with a fervent pray’r that we may live and we may share………our love affair……… remember………..”. Wonderful words of love……embedded in my heart.

ric384 says:

At last, I`ve found this clip with Vic Damone singing. Many thanks! From The Philippines.

Corrie121 says:

I remember seeing this film around 1957, whil I was doing my National Service.
This Vic Damone rendition of this superb song is a perfect accompaniment to the lovely images.
Thanks for sharing.

fercyliandton says:

Vic Damone The Great Voice of the 50s-60s

rodudias says:

Preciosa cancion & movie

Monique classique says:

Muchas gracias por sus palabras.

Annp2009 says:

Lindas fotos ! ( Great photos ! )

Terence Lewis says:

great film i got it actually she was one beautiful lady ,great pics thx

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