Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair?

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BayviewFinch says:

Wow.  You’re commenting on a comment that’s almost a year old. Palin is a stupid, egotistical airhead.

MyTotalRemedy says:

Your hate just blinds you. She doesn’t have an STD and look like an unhygenic man like libs like Rachel Maddow, Garofalo, or Pelosi.
This is some shameless, low crap TYT and angry, smug airhead Ana are pulling.

Lizardvenom1 says:

yes the fucked all night long 

BayviewFinch says:

She’s so nasty. I don’t know why anyone would even want to have an affair with her. She’s probably really smelly down there. I really don’t understand the people who think otherwise. Big deal. She’s thin and wears glasses. Is that how bad the U.S. has got? As long as you’re not fat, you’re sexy?

TheBigboytoy100 says:

How fucking stupid to you feel you dumb fuck HAHAHAHAH he admitted today you dirty liberal faggot.

geffel says:

Karma for WHAT? He’s the most honest politician in Washington. That’s why you right wing vermin had to FAKE something.

Hey dog toilet. Get real. It was obviously faked, you illiterate fucking bloody cockstain.

TheBigboytoy100 says:

Karma is a bitch and Weiner is in a pickle you stupid fucker.

jimbrown257 says:

“HAhaha they are now quoting the National Enquirer hahaha liberals are stooping lower than ever. ”

…Actually, they made the point that the National Enquirer shouldn’t be trusted. Did you listen to more than the first ten seconds of this video?

geffel says:

Fuck off you abysmal cunt.

Whereas hacking Weiner’s twitter account is perfectly fine…there’s no hypocrite liek a vile right wing cunt.

TheBigboytoy100 says:

HAhaha they are now quoting the National Enquirer hahaha liberals are stooping lower than ever.

justryingz says:


loosekarrott says:

I think it’s time again to remind ana of how beautiful she is

punishmentya says:

They have done Trisome; and Todd are happy for this

MarmaladeINFP says:

I heard the data on affairs. According to the reported data, women are more likely to cheat on their spouses than men. The interesting part is that women seem to get caught less or at least the media gives them less attention when they’re caught.

pakers2128 says:

That is the best you can do is quote the National Enquirer?? Where is the proof, show the affadavids. There is nothing there so they can not find anything. This is a smear. this is very low. Like asking a person do “do you still beat your wife??”

prophetbyronmotley says:

The ONLY reason the LIBERAL mass media hasn’t jumped on this story is because even THEY need SOME sort of proof, like words on a hand! Dan Rather jumped on a bogus story before George W.Bush’s second election, hoping the story would lead to Bush’s defeat! Instead, the story was REVEALED as being bogus! The mass media don’t want Sarah Palin to score “martydom” polling points! I kinda wish the mass media WOULD jump on this story so even MORE people could see the liberal swine the mass media is!

codemancj3 says:

so….basically smear, since there was never any truth to that. haha.

TheM4pler says:

that was in 1996 :O

Eaglesfaninca says:

LOL. No examples on why it is absurd. lol.

musicprodave says:

Kid gloves?….lol that is absurd…lol

Eaglesfaninca says:

Yeah okay. Just like the alaskan independence party right? Just like how she added 24 million to the wasilla debt.

Sarah Palin was handled with kid’s gloves by the media

musicprodave says:

If there was truth to this the main stream media would be all over it. It is a bold face lie.

diegopmc says:

Anna’s really cute.

mssnrykd says:

Why can’t this guy actually get footnotes?
None of his footnotes reference anything helpful in double checking him!

Wait a minute, maybe thats cause he’s lieing! Why else would he be unable to bother putting together a descent set of footnoes, preferably with references outside of youtube!

Sephlock says:

@ Semitar6: Unfortunately, shes BOTH. THATS the problem, not the adultery itself.

semitar6 says:

First of all, your total idiot obviously. Secondly I hate Palin’s politics, however I feel her political idiocy is enough to deny her office. Getting into her personal life isnt really necessary. We concentrate too much on the personal in American and not what their actually polictical beliefs are. One of the reasons we have so many idiots in office now.

shark5643 says:

Good job! Expose Sarah Palin!

ricmarc says:

that was the poorest attempt to be a non palin palin fan i have seen yet. you should have stuck with, i’m no fan of sarah palin but……

ricmarc says:

of course she had an affair. why do you think she lied about how many months pregnant she was? she said she was 7 months when she was in fact 8 and gave birth to a full term baby. todd was on the north slope if you backtrack from when trig was born.

whoareyapauldunn says:

hahhahahahahahahaha finally the slut is exposed to the end….

DodgeVip3r says:

It comes to a Hyporcite and a liar leading a nation dumbass, no one would give 2 fucks what she has for breakfast, but when she promotes a Christian Family system and her daughter is a slut then she is a slut people would question her credibility.

semitar6 says:

Although I despose Palins politics, I hate when they bring up all this personal garbage. Alot of good people dont run for office because of indecretions in thier past that they dont want smeared all over the air. Why is America so concerned about who these people fuck? Personally I would rahter have a adulterer who runs the country well, then some straight laced right wing nutjob fucking up the country again.

Hazmat347 says:

Vaceazer  I second the motion.

vaceazer says:

id fuk the shyt outta sarah palin

KidVolcano says:

you really did miss the edwards saga, didn’t you? So for a year, the Inquirer totally scooped the mainstream press on the Edwards bastard thing, and the mainstream was like “the inquirer is a F###ing rag” and didn’t give them the time of day. And then it turned out that Edwards did knock up some lady while his wife had cancer and it became a story. Since then folks have given the NI a little more credit.

IvanSorath says:

she’s so fucking hot :D Sarah mamasita

RacismSux says:

It’s the usual double standard. Republicans are such HYPOCRITES!  ALL of them!

43HigherExpectations says:

Palin was called stupid & an adulteress. Obama was called anti-american, a terrorist, baby killer, anti-semite & a muslim. Which is worse again? I don’t care if Palin is a MENSA member, when she opens her mouth its the sound & speed of STUPID.

brunettebaby9876 says:

having an affair doesnt affect her decisions as a vice presiden

sweatintotheoldies says:

Geee, and no one could say anything about Obama, why? ‘Cause he’s 1/6th black???

sweatintotheoldies says:

Wow why didn’t democrats vote for her then? They love lying, cheating politicians!!!

darkjourney35 says:

lol! yes I get my news from the Enquirer now theres a realiable sorce lol!! I just think its so funny thats theres abunch of adults on here who thrive on gossip and lies without really having proof or facts!! makes me wonder what you teach your kids.

piginthesky says:

A GOP staff characterized Palin and her family as Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast. Another suggested that she ordered McCain staffers to buy her clothing on their own credit cards.

Casperthedopestghost says:

the proof would be the sword affidavits of people close to Sarah Palin and the lie detector results. Though its not definitive proof, I personally cant see any reason why a business partner of Palins husband would lie about that.

And you beleive the bullshit McCain says about Obama’s policies, ACORN, and Ayers without ANY proof? These claims which havem in many cases, been factually refuted and disproven?

What a joke.

jaim12005 says:

I see your point and get why you are frustrated.. BUT Bible thumpers that cheat, steal, & lie are not juicy enough news in this day and age. On a slow news day I bet they would.

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