Driving Miss Daisy: Miss-daisy-is-in-control

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Oh, I just love the smell of a new car.
Don’t you, Miss Daisy?
I am nobody’s fool, Hoke.
I know!
My husband taught me to run a car.
I remember everything he said.
So don’t think even for a second you…
Wait. You’re speeding.
I can see it!
We only going 19 miles an hour.
I like to go under the speed limit.
But the speed limit is 35 here.
The slower you go the more gas you save.
My husband taught me that!
Ain’t hardly moving. Might as well walk…
…to Piggly Wiggly.
Is this your car?
Do you pay for the gas?
- No. – All right, then!
My son thinks I’m losing my abilities…
…but I am still in control of what goes on in my car!

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