dual masters payday monsanto payze dues truth hop !!!

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dual masters payday monsanto payze dues truth hop !!! Payday Monsanto’s lyrics focus on controversial issues in geopolitics and social architects who’ve hoodwinked into beLIEving they are “free”. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class warfare, poverty, organized religion, institutional racism and the intended systematic usurpation of the world, by means of Usury and other machinations. Payday Monsanto’s uncompromising stance on political issues and biting social commentary have both aided and hindered his quest to bring solid music and messages to the masses with “radical” material that goes against the grain of commercial hip-pop by providing content of substance, touching on subjects ranging from war, police brutality, the looting of the middle-class, Israeli control of US policy (foreign and otherwise), the Money Addict’s unrelenting push to demonize and illegally invade nations refusing to submit to the agenda of One World Government/Army/Religion, etc.

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Spydiggity says:

This song is nuts. Payze is better than ever. Too clever

INFOWARforYourMind says:

i occasionally miss walking the streets of Philly, but the woods up in Pennsylvania provide a more serene surrounding ;)

iridespinners says:

to further understand the judeo masonic conspiracy theory i suggest watching “In the Shadow of Hermes” or read the book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri lina

iridespinners says:

LMAO @ the charlie veitch aka damon rockefeller intro

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