Ellen DeGeneres’ Ashley Madison Comments

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Ellen DeGeneres talks about the Ashley Madison billboard on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. http://bit.ly/AshleyMadison7.

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cathrine mboneka says:

Worse slogan than YOLO

parker1684 says:

@ublec15 It’s not a sin to “Bang” a married woman, just the thought of
having a relationship with them…so why not do casual sex with them
instead? LOL!!!

Ms18girly says:

Oooh, honey. You’re supposed to love thy neighbor, not talk shit. And let
he who has never sinned cast the first stone, so either you’re the vigin
Mary or you need to shut your righteous trap.

Wallstreet Young says:

Only Ugly women need use “Asley madison” or any other internet websites to
meet men. What ever happened to going to a bar or club?

Alfredo Rodriguez says:


MidnightVerona says:

@prime440 Yes, because I’m SURE your a saint.

videoguy604 says:

Marriage is stupid.

yalladatrip says:

Life is short, rob a bank. Then go to jail, where life is long :D :D:D YES

Ms18girly says:

A good Christian such as yourself should know not to take the Bible too
seriously. A lot of Jesus’ teachings (as well as stories in the Old
Testament) were more metaphorical than literal. Think about it, Jesus isn’t
ACTUALLY a piece of stone that the builders rejected, rather he is a mesiah
people rejected who then became savior (corner stone). So not only can you
not stone her but you can’t METAPHORICALLY stone her either. What I’m
trying to say is , pull the stick out of your ass and cool it.

MichaelMunster says:

The entire Ashley Madison operation is a rip-off in any case. Most female
profiles are fake. Guys, you’d be as well buying a blow up doll and talking
to her as wasting your money communicating with Ashley Madison’s robots.

chopaface says:

@hotneo7 tats true… unless u have a safe sex history with your spouse of
many years…. but it is risky.. sex that is.. just having sex is risky.

cutejoshie says:

@drinkthemagicwater Do you even know what I look like, douche?

prime440 says:

you speak a great deal of nonsense to justify a position even you dont
understand . Grow up.

chopaface says:

@wallstreetyoung mostly sexual and drunkard addicts would go to clubs…
especially with people who are simply interested in sleeping around while
intoxicated who knows if they used a condom… for bars.. well, what if
drinking is not your style? All I usually see are people with friends and
family and their dates who go to bars.. if they’re by themselves.. it’s not
a very attractive sight… i think this website helps make opportunities
seem more accessible and easier. clubs and bars don’t do

drinkthemagicwater says:

@yalladatrip long and deep in the butt

prime440 says:

@MidnightVerona I dont promote imorality on the public television.im sure
that doesnt matter to you . If it feels good do it right ?

ublec15 says:

im 17 i would have went on that site to fuck a married bitch but then i
found out its one of the worst sins to do! fucking a married woman

cmMerlin says:

Hahaha! Ellen is the best!

cutejoshie says:

@drinkthemagicwater God, why are you such a troll?

Jordan Mackenzie says:

So it is a joke to Ellen? Cool. Good work being a role model Ellen

noppy4lyf says:


hotneo7 says:

why even get married anymore? FWB…it’s cheaper! all adultery ends up with
STDs…when you sleep with someone, you’re screwing every person they ever
slept with and their partners…etc.

shylessness49 says:

Win ellen! Win!

hcvang says:

@wallstreetyoung so you can meet the local jerkoff instead of the
international businessman? hot chicks can pick and choose, man. period. so
why settle for the shitty dude down the pub?

minh phan says:

lol, go to jail, where life is long

LuckyIzzy659 says:

@wallstreetyoung The site is mostly used by men.

MichaelMunster says:

The entire Ashley Madison operation is a con in any case. Most female
profiles are faked by the company themselves. Guys, you’d be as well buying
a blow up doll and talking to her as wasting your money communicating with
Ashley Madison’s robots.

prime440 says:

I cant stone the woman but i can call it the way i see it and if you dont
like it too bad,

CaptainDisguise says:

hahaha ur the best…..

BebeJane19 says:


EmceeSpawn says:

funny considering you go to PRISON when u rob a bank. jail is for pretrial
detainees for sentences of less than a year

NewZealfighter says:

@chopaface you make a good point

cutejoshie says:

@drinkthemagicwater Haha, epic fail. I am neither fat, nor ugly. Thank your
for confirming you troll status. Shh. No more.

drinkthemagicwater says:

@cutejoshie why are you so fat and ugly?

drinkthemagicwater says:

@cutejoshie probably fat and ugly

Ms18girly says:

Whoops, the bible is nonsense now? And it’s funny that I’m the one who
can’t understand my position when I am also the only one making a cohesive
argument. You’re just making random statements, how bout you try backing
those statements up? And in what way am I immature? You’re the one making
snap judgements, I’m just telling you to think before spewing hate on the

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