[ENG] A Good Day To Have An Affair [10/10]

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The video is not in sync, will re-encode later Upload request “A Good Day To Have An Affair” Not my subs Credits in the video Korean Title: Baram-Pigi Joheun Nal Year: 2007 Director: Jang Mun-il Genre: Comedy / Romance Country: South Korea Language: Korean Subtitles: English (srt) Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Yoon Jin-seo, Lee Jong-hyuk, Lee Min-ki, Park Hyeok Kwon, Son Yeong-soon, Lee Ra-hye Runtime: 103 mins . “Two bored housewives have affairs with two different men they meet in online chat rooms. As their relationships developed into offline relationships they often pass each other unwittingly in the hallways of the motels where they meet their lovers. One day, the lady known as “Dew” is in a room with her aged college lover. Suddenly, her husband bursts through their door, along with police officers that he brought. The other lady known as “Small Bird” is in a adjacent room listening to what’s going on in the other room. Small Bird whispers to her lover to be quiet, because the police officer in the other room is her husband.

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JeanAG55 says:

a bad day to wear a skirt

MadManCael says:

i dont get it

sun crisco says:

‘please wind stop blowing’ 1989 Jun Young Rok (T-Ara Jun Bo-ram dad) written song Lee Ji yuan sing …

nadyloca says:

lee min ki’s laugh killed me… was so funny…

lheimOdie18 says:

great movie.. i watched it because of LEE MIN KI.. min ki here was so hilarious.. i didnt expect he had this kind of role..hahaha but well i love lee min ki..

Prince Jayson Tabas says:

wat is the title of the song in 6:45? hope sum1 can reply on this. really like the song =(

diamondbackmoth says:

hello can i ask what is the title of the song that is found at the last part of this movie thanks

kitty0048 says:

ugh the one guy is such a tool. all he wants is to get into her pants. and even when she was hurt i was like o_O but the college guy was adorable. oh and one good thing came out of the affair, the girls became good friends

cabiebie says:

thanks for sharing the movie…
it’s great :)

wampirwalery says:

I loved that movie :)
it was very funny but also it touched very sensitive subject.
Every woman wants to feel needed and loved by someone, no matter what age she is… :)

beauty281081 says:

What a movie!!

realessence says:

Good movie. I didn’t expect it to be funny. I like that they can turn a controversial subject like adultery into a light-hearted comedy. Thanks for uploading.

sana Katz says:

their acting is so awsome but unbelievable

sakuse100 says:

Dating online is a TERRIBLE IDEA

gogumamaniac says:

the exploding car is totally epic!!!

katex007 says:

wow thanks for the movie

MrSofea90 says:

the both cheater women should date each other….lol

thetankgurl37 says:

they said it in the movie

empresslilo29 says:

after this movie i dont think ima see the guy from squad and lee min ki the same way,lol

adeqjin says:

omg!the actors in this movie r damn lucky get to touch & kiss the women alot of times….

virgo321 says:

0o how u know? wahh =D

SephCat74 says:

He went off to army. Because in Korea, army is mandatory for men.

virgo321 says:

What happen tithe college student did they e together??

virgo321 says:

What happen to the college student?? They broke up

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