[ENG] A Good Day To Have An Affair [4/10] [RATED R]

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The video is not in sync, will re-encode later Upload request “A Good Day To Have An Affair” Not my subs Credits in the video Korean Title: Baram-Pigi Joheun…

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choi sam says:

hhhhhhhh tell me a story she is very funny :p

choi sam says:

ops that poor cat

ifightdragos says:


nindita aulia says:


rainmosq says:

she’s SO not gonna be worth it after all the sh*t she’s putting him through. Is she 16 or 36 for cripes sake?? in reality, He’d have dumped her lame ass after 10 minutes the FIRST time.

Gabriella Johnson says:

to 9:15

Gabriella Johnson says:


ekamariawati maria says:


nekochav says:

the wavy haired woman is so annoying.

tranhoangminh90 says:

Vc k cho dit sao chju noi..hehr.

tranhoangminh90 says:

Con nho toc ngan trog phim bj khug..hehe

Jay Buergo says:

WTF! this video is so BORING!!
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It’s so fucking hot trust me!! I almost came freehand while watching. Just sharing!

quanghuy9292 says:

HY vkl ra dk liem lo. Ck

quanghuy9292 says:


FreedomValentine says:

if you want a story, just read a book. geez.

nadia naddy says:

omg lee minki *.*

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nobita nobi says:


nobita nobi says:

this girl are weight to this earth

nobita nobi says:

fuck fuck fuck fuck the south koreans i hate south koreans i kill them with help of fuck

kim asuncion says:

i love the guy

AnMariaa Ram says:

Why do chinese ppl hate indians?

Dinu cv says:

yes , stop liking but cant stop watching bcos koren..movies r hot..hehe..(:

Doliradiva says:

i AM indian!!! Now i shall stop liking koreans! :P

hyeon ae says:

LMFAO. OMG she’s gonna make him like die lolololol this is hilarious

Dinu cv says:

thy make fun of indins in bed .am angry now ):

Dede Sumpena says:

W w w. Kpopid. Com

RyanNFSW says:


Gh3Josei says:

fuck this girl.. the boring girl.. story??? hahaha who wanna girl like that???so moron

KawaiiHai says:

you want a story snake enter hoe The End

beauty281081 says:

Is she crazy???story??

Louis Tuazon says:


simone CJ says:

 blue balls

Joanakpopforever says:

tell a story ? what he so cute , hot and handsome a story real?
thanks for the movie

lalalaHilary says:

The college guy is precious! I love him.

YourSisterFromLT says:

Gosh the girl is so annoying, feel sorry for this man.

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