[ENG] A Good Day To Have An Affair [5/10]

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The video is not in sync, will re-encode later Upload request “A Good Day To Have An Affair” Not my subs Credits in the video Korean Title: Baram-Pigi Joheun…

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冠霖 王 says:

pnuhjdsi  amirah

Tsanamilta Amirah says:

2PM !! LoL

prari sammie says:

The older woman was 37 yrs old when this was made.. Amazing person even then..

jazer belen soto medina says:

ash shinsha !

hijuliehey says:

her name is kim hae su

devilonearth666 says:

What is the name of Dew? she’s hot

anjingmalas says:

so hot

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