Facebook Cheaters Having Affairs Using Facebook

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Are you someone who has used Facebook to have an affair? Watch what I said during a live TV interview about how people are using Facebook to cheat on their spouses.

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judic1964 says:

Angry much?

martybrasher says:

i hate cheating bitches. i would dump mine the first real sign of it. i did say something about 1 guy and she just moved him from facebook to my space. its gambling! if it happens there wont be any talking about it anymore.

huntersville1 says:

I hate social networking my soon to be ex cheated on me on Facebook we married for almost 2 months and he cheated in Denial with someone that was married as well along with his drug use mental abuse verbal abuse ways I am happy I am out of the marriage even though was a short time my first time marriage

wordanski says:

facebook myspace mocospace and twitter are all the ways to lose a spouse ijs

wordanski says:

lmmfao yall have no idea my wife well now ex wife had a baby with a pedofile that she had never met b4 because of facebook i laugh now because its funny to think about how niave she was and still is because she found out that hes lame as hell and doesnt even want to spend time with his child so she threw away her marriage for nothing lol grass isnt always greener on the other side people lol

huntersville1 says:

I hate facebook my husband now seperate cheated on me through Facebook but he kept denying it I am not stupid

woden20 says:

Destruction of the family unit, everything going to plan.

LadyNinjaKagero says:

Yes, I do believe these social sites help people in their cheating…if they are willing to do it as well. There are basically millions of people to meet and all you need to do is find someone with the same interest and off you or they go.

angelicpink says:

I agree but not just marriage. Im single and I’ve lost 3 boyfriends over sites like this. Its even preventing long term relationships that could lead to marriage. Its even alarming that once your married it can still pose a threat. Very sick. And Drednots I totally agree. This society is being ruined by stuff like this. People have lost respect, dignity, social skills, manors, and self restraint!

krakmxer says:

I FUCKIN hate all you WOMEN FUCK YA’LL BITCHES! when a woman is having an affair or flirting on facebook, women say its nothing serious they are just being friendly blah blah. BUT when a guy uses FB, that means he’s having an affair. I FUCKIN KNOW ALOT of WOMEN having affair with this fuckin facebook. i just fuckin hate all you pathetic women. !

Bella760205 says:

I went through the same thing and I’m still trying to figure it out. He is very mysterious with everything. My husband even blocked his list of friends and wall from me but he says he blocks it from everyone..whatever. And he is usually on his laptop and everytime I would come around he would suddenly close it. But there are other clues that I found too..this is just one of them.

tizzy3559 says:

been there, way before facebook and other easy programs came about. This was way before when there were only Bulletin Board Services, so you all can’t blame facebook totally on this, it takes two to tango

TheNightSkyBreeze says:

this just dont make any sense! why woul…..oh my freaking gosh!

alexanderthewraith says:

I couldn’t agree more!

alexanderthewraith says:

Caught my wife friending an exe, he was even bold enough to comment in the open!
What a dipshit!
She assures me nothing’s up, however she had to APPROVE him out of a list….so she picked him out!
Tear out my heart and shit on it!!!!!!!!!

alexanderthewraith says:

I know all about rule #2, as a victim.
Fucked up shit!

ruvanoanne says:

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