Former Ashley Madison employee sues over injured wrist

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Ashley Madison, the dating website for married people who want to cheat on their spouse, is in trouble again… but this time it’s not for letting people bre…

PinExt Former Ashley Madison employee sues over injured wrist
tafbutton blue16 Former Ashley Madison employee sues over injured wrist


wbs001mcdaniel says:

To all of the people agreeing with this frivolous lawsuit on the grounds
that you dislike the Ashley Madison and what it stands for… Please look
at the principal of the matter! Whether it is a seedy website for scumbags
or your neighborhood church, the principal is the same. Even if you don’t
agree with this business you should still stand up for its lawful right to
exist and to be protected from lawsuits like this! The integrity of small
business and the justice system is at stake!

clitmint says:

A dating website for married couples to help them find singles and other
married couples… so a wife swapping and cheating website? is the owner

In any case, I hope the one suing gets all the money she seeks and in turn
that destroys this vile business and website.

Primalxbeast says:

Well, I guess that’s what you get for hiring someone to be dishonest.
How the fuck can you take a job typing and then think you can sue your
employer for millions of dollars for having you type?

recklessmb says:

RT America is a Russian propaganda news site formerly known as Russian TV.
Look it up investigate your sources and only listen to facts

HarfangX says:

Obviously her whole angle here was to try and get AM to silence her and her
claims of fake profiles by settling this out of court.
I worked for an online dating site and let me tell you they almost all have
an enormous ratio of fake female profiles and faked interractions to get
you to pull out your wallet.

JewTube says:

I’ve spent entire weeks keyboarding all day then coming home to play games
on my PC. Never been injured from it ( but it has made me pretty unfit ;p )

knowthingman says:

man, chicks these days will fuck (and/or fuck over) anything.

including their employer. its whores all the way down, gentlemen.

D.J. Moore says:

LMAO, I hope she gets a boot up her ass !!!

Trey Dee says:

Most of these Ashley Madison mainstream dating websites have nothing BUT
FAKE profiles of mostly 21 year old young blonds smiling and taking a pic
on a damn beach…so typical and FAKE!

MilitantAntiTheist says:

This was definitely the doing of Zionist Jews by setting HAARP to the
appropriate frequency to mess up this woman’s wrist so they can make more
people dependent on the government as they unfold the NWO. WAKE UP,

jnnycliff says:

that’s suck, but work at an IT i have to type like crazy. my job not even
for typing.

Robert Cousins says:

Hahaah, ahahahahahaha.. AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA…..

SlavicIn3D says:

The claim arose from far too many hand jobs… at work.

Doctorj63 says:

Ameera David ….One HOT woman!

Hijynx87 says:

Whores! What a tacky whorish website.

PwnBusiness says:

21 million holy crap

Trey Dee says:

Why use Ashley Madison when you can use craigslist, plenty of fish, alt,

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