Getting Married Above the Ground

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Getting Married Above the Ground – as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.

The ups and downs of planning a wedding have taken on a whole new meaning.

Thrill seeking brides and grooms can now exchange their vows while suspended 160 feet off the ground. Marriage in the Sky offers couples to have 20 guests join them during the high rise ceremony and the opportunity to create a unique experience at almost any location in the world.

A crane is hoisted up in the air with a platform for guests who are strapped to aircraft seating. You can also choose to have a second crane alongside the ceremony platform that will host your reception dinner.

And if couples are willing to take the plunge, they can bungee jump together off the platform after their “I do’s”.

Here’s another creative wedding idea but a lot more dangerous. A Britsh couple in 1950s decided to get married far above the ground as well but on a tight rope! Doesn’t seem very comfortable but surely unforgettable.

What’s your idea of an unusual wedding ceremony?

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