GG – Having An Affair (바람났어) [feat. Park Bom] {Audio}

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GG – Having An Affair (바람났어) [feat. Park Bom] {Audio} Download: Source: Re-up: *GG: G-Dragon & Park Myung Soo

PinExt GG   Having An Affair (바람났어) [feat. Park Bom] {Audio}
tafbutton blue16 GG   Having An Affair (바람났어) [feat. Park Bom] {Audio}


oth0920 says:

WoW wonderful

Dick Butkus says:

korean hoes = raped

nanycolmcr says:

GD’s smirk at 1:08 sooo hoooooot

Adriana Ev says:

WTF does this song said XD

Cutie MsDior says:

Damn gds voice in the beginning is orgasmic

Cutie MsDior says:

Damn gd’s I

Amanda Ferrer says:

this song is 9874567897654567876 times better feat Park Bom. *—*

Amanda Ferrer says:

This song is 987656789876567898765 more amazing feat. Park Bom *-*

KristenTHEbest1 says:

amazing sing!!! :) I love Bomiii (^_^)

shaneyy06 says:

I like the voice of bommie.. OMG

crackedribs says:


Nutloos says:

for me it isnt a foreign language..

LiamOllie7777777 says:

what language is this if it wasnt foreighn it would be class

Janek Ciechowski says:


CaMeRoNJAGAA says:

Instrument is cool

Alexis Jones says:

0:15 O_____O *dies*

Sumi Kennedy says:

does anyone know the english translation of the song..

mrlamer2 says:

Really?? I dont really know about YG. sorry

IgnitedMHK says:

did u hear about the news that YG is planning debut another girl band either end of this year or next year?

mrlamer2 says:

Ohh okay. U too. Sorry that we started off on a wrong foot. Let just be friends??? haha.

IgnitedMHK says:

Apology accepted. It is good to see that you are lowering yourself for the reputations of the other fans and the artist himself. Next time, dont spit irrational comments at people at rage and be irresponsible, it makes u pathetic. Next time, an apology with a sorry would make the other person realize more how sincere you are, but i cool with wat u wrote. Remember that fans reflect the other half of the artist and keep it classy at all time. Have a exciting weekend.

mrlamer2 says:

Sorry i am not a kid anymore. Replying people need not have prefect English if i am not wrong. Now i think i wanna end this quarrel. Cos being GD’s fan i will not wan to be seems like so low class. GD’s fans have good quality so i don’t wan to quarrel anymore. I have reflected on my wrong, WHAT ABOUT U??? 

mrlamer2 says:

I know u are saying ME ONLY, but u offend other fans by using GD’s DICK as an example/object to say ME. I know my ENGLISH not prefect or maybe lousy but is my own way of saying it right??? And i have already apologize and admitted my wrong to i2457. Not like somebody doesn’t admit to their wrong and kept on saying people wrong. And if you say my English not accurate still come out say you back then you are wrong, cos you don’t even know the definition of retarded.

shadowkinz says:

park myung soo’s on FYAHHHHHHHH <3

IgnitedMHK says:

why are u so EXTRA TO COME IN??…learn proper english before u talk like a retarded kid. you are very pathetic for distorting my words. The GD dick is stuck to YOUR ear, not to the fans. JUST YOU. There are many rational,reasonable GD fans out there and clearly, you are not one of them. Who am I to you? I am a person who lets you know that you are dick riding fanboy/girl who makes no sense in arguing and now doesnt speak proper english because she has nothing to say. boo.hoo :P

mrsmonkeyking250 says:

“ur fanboy/fangirl dick riding has gone too far. there are some inevitable similarities between two tracks. ur hearing got problem because theres a huge GD dick stuck to it” ….That’s not being rude and mean? I must have learned some different things in elementary school than you. And I’m not pretending to be anything, I’m pointing out your flaws, bro.

mrlamer2 says:

Than u like saying people so much. Why dont u say yrself by being not respectful. And what rights do u have in saying me??? Who are u to me?? Like where did i say that all fans are like me?? Could u get ur facts right first?? U offend the fans by saying that GD DICK is stuck to it. leh. U ownself never read yr comments that u commented on people than u wan to say me?? Pls say about yrself first before saying about others can??? The main thing is why are u so EXTRA TO COME IN??

IgnitedMHK says:

May I ask how I am being rude? I am stating the facts. And in fact, if you read my comment, I never called mr.tommyi95 of any insults. check again before you accuse someone, it looks pathetic.If you were refering to the other person I was arguing, I fight stone with stone, since that person first threw an immature verbal stone at i2457. Yes, I dont respect you anymore, so your advice is worthless from a pathetic hyprocrit. Nice try pretending to be wise, next time think!

IgnitedMHK says:

the lyrics are different, but it doesnt change the fact that it copied the beats and melody, this applys to all songs. Dineyra used the exact melody and beats of SNSD’s Genie, but the lyrics were different…does that mean they didnt copy SNSD? Or Korean fans get really mad when Chinese or other Asian Idols copy their favourite KPOP idol’s songs ,re-tune it up a bit,and change the lyrics…does that also justify them from copying since they changed the lyrics…? i do not think so

mrsmonkeyking250 says:

Why are you being so mean and rude? No one is gonna respect your opinion if you start off by calling people names and sayin’ stuff like you did. So stop bein’ a dickhead, yeah? See? Now you have stopped respecting my words because I insulted you. Think about what you say before you say it, mate.

mrsmonkeyking250 says:

Not really. I just listened to the song you mentioned and I can admit that the beat DOES sound a bit similar, but not enough that you can call it copying.

isaiah staton says:

Just because this song talks about partying and Party Rock Anthem also does doesn’t mean just because they have a similar beat does not mean they copied them. There is actually a difference in the lyrics between the two songs so its not really a copy…

IgnitedMHK says:

haha i like the music. I never said i didnt like the music. I just dont like overprotective fan-bitch like u. they try to justify EVERYTHING they do. how am I offending all GD, BB fans when I say the dick is stuck on YOU? not all fans are blindly protective like you, dont give me that bullshit that all fans are like u, because then YOU are OFFENDING GD and BB respectful to others before u tell others to. UR HEARING GOT PROBLEM AH is not respectful. nice try actin tough tho.

mrlamer2 says:

If u dont like the music than fuck off. U are the one riding yr own fucking dick. I think u are the fuck up one that has a hearing problem. And u say that GD dick is stuck to me than u have offend a lot of G-DRAGON fans and also BIGBANG fans. So if u got problem with the music. Just say it in a proper manner. Dont be a fuck up person as in starting with dick and stuff. Since u like dick suck yr own. And dont say about BIGBANG OR GD

IgnitedMHK says:

copying still pathetic despite two artists being in the same genre, their existence in the same genre doesnt justify subtle plagiarism. They didn’t directly copy the track but the sequence and the background melody have some similarities. it seems like u also dont have a sense of music as well since what you said at the end is exactly what has happened (not directly, but subtly, fragmented elements)

IgnitedMHK says:

ur fanboy/fangirl dick riding has gone too far. there are some inevitable similarities between two tracks. ur hearing got problem because theres a huge GD dick stuck to it

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