Hidden Agendas Women Have

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Hidden Agendas Women Have http://www.lasvegasnevadadui.com/ Sometimes people hear what they WANT to hear. In a relationship this can actually be deadly. Some…

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peachmytail says:

I think those are some cool glasses you are wearing and they really make a nice statement about you and your character.

shakaama says:

you sir, win the internet for today, for that comment.

shakaama says:

oh man your last sentence made me fall out of my chair laughing.

donald servais says:

I watch ppl go through life caught,trapped.imprisoned in there own minds ,full of fear ,always repeating the same mistakes over and over,i should of went left .if I would of done that if they had,nt done this to me the constant victim ,never wrong and know everything ,myself I trust in God this ppl are full of fear the thought of all of there problems being of there own making is to real for many accept ,

young10again says:

This all sounds familiar…………..

Isaac Brown says:

You would think ignorant people would be accustomed to getting it wrong and would be a little more humble. For many, sadly, this is not the case. I’m glad you are trying to figure out the mechanics of this issue (society/culture)… but really, how do we fix this if killing them is not an option?

shakaama says:

and you know, I have a lot of videos I could make explaining exactly things like that, and people come at me like I’m attacking them. They are so intent on saying women are EQUAL to men, that they blind themselves to just how different men and women are. If women were equal to men, then having a girlfriend would be strange.

Understanding, is the key to a good relationship though. The woman understanding that her husband is doing ABC and that’s what he’s thinking about.

blackbette07 says:

Of women has a lot more on their minds. It is an evolutionary process. Men could not be successful hunters if they too much their minds cause they would be snack for a saber tooth. Women had to pack up the home while watching the children. The problem is that our technology and civilization has not caught up with evolution.

shakaama says:

As to the video: It’s not just women. EVERYONE does this. Men / women / children / PASTORS / POPES / presidents / feminists / menists / Blacks / whites / juvurples…

So don’t get it confused that this is reserved for women. My cameraman refuses to go get hearing aids. You have no idea what I go through trying to talk to him.

shakaama says:

thanks I need more light. and a sheet.


The lighting looks good.

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