Highline CC UNA Club interview

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Highline Productions is interviewing with the President of UNA Club of Highline Community College. HCC- UN Affairs Club President- Ernest Hasha Secretary- Claire Elliott Motto: “You must follow before you begin to lead and learn about unity and advocate peace” Mission: To create awareness of the United Nations to students and communities by pointing out key tenants the UN strives to achieve; peace, sustainability, and equality. Vision: United in strengthening peace, sustainability and equality while educating each other about international differences and contributing to our communities. Objectives: – Contribute to community involvement through volunteer work and other initiatives. – To provide information outside campus opportunities related to the club. – Uniting students by conducting seminars, discussion groups and other interactive platforms. – Assign students to represent other countries on issues related to international relations and United Nations. Below are the list of questions we are asking in order for others to become more informed about their club. General Meeting Times: Location: Building 8 ~ 3rd Floor ~ 301 (LRC Room) Day: Fridays Time: 12:00 – 2:00 PM Question 1: Who are you? Question 2: What is your club and what is your club about? Question 3: What does your club do? Question 4: What are the Club Meeting Days, Time, Location? Question 5: Is there anything else you would like to feature about your club?

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Great interview…Thanks to Community College Initiative Program…

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