How Not to Get Caught Cheating: Ashley Madison CEO

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) — Ashley Madison President and CEO Noel Biderman discusses the company’s dating site on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: B…

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Dan Szeto says:

Female host is wearing an Everose gold Rolex Daytona. Nice!

ZooSolo MoHambone says:

Really…you can trust cheaters? What a joke! Betrayal is never a good
thing Morons! If people betray their families, they will betray anyone.
It’s not funny or a joke! There is money to be made in every form of evil.

Max Jensen says:

Bad Bussiness 

TheDestruct0r says:

An important fact they forget to mention about valentines day member spike
increase, its all women. There is no increase in male member sign ups on or
after valentines day.

boxertest says:

People always try to justify evil,.. so why not break promises, hurt your
partner,destroy your kids sense of stability and feed your selfish need,
because you need to have that affair its biological, cancer is biological
too and no one wants that… if you’re faithful stay faithful if you “need”
something extra get a divorce because if you pursue it you will get a
divorce. Finally if monogamy is not for you don’t get married… stop being

Tzimnewman3 says:

People who cheat betray how much of a scum fuck they really are. Never
trust a person who thinks cheating is acceptable because at the end of the
day they may betray others just as easy as they betray the person they

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