How to Have an Affair

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lycana911 says:

Calm down. First of all the people in this video are actors, and second of all, the guy in the video was cheating too.

Naruto Uzumaki says:

nice video why not making one on ” how to kill the hokage ”

popcornlol12 says:

Howcast is fucking crazy yo.

Hip48Xn3 says:

where is their video to help me be a total asshole?
and by the way, sine when did anyone consider what the french think is right?

dreadeddre says:

I think this might be the only video where I have to say that 87 people can go and burn in heII for liking this idea. I hope they all catch a good form of STVD in their little mis-adventures.

needtruth69 says:

what the fuck is this AFFAIR IS BAD 

MattysEdits says:


ThePhantomKing says:

Are you phuqing serious!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ciaran55 says:

anyone know where I can find videos on how to be racially offensive? I’m sure Howcast can help me out here

andredidiergijon says:


Allycat0518 says:

Next video on Howcast: How to hide a dead body, but “we’re not saying it’s a good idea”

iSNEEZES says:

Um, WHAT????

shadowking1711 says:


HitmanReborn9999 says:

Next Video : How to beat your partner without leaving marks,signs, or bruises

RacheyRocker says:

I bet they make so much ad revenue of this video as well. Teaching people how to have an affair? hmm how about the old tradition of being honest and not making money out of teaching people on how to be immoral

Roberto Villalobos Jiménez says:

i just find this random vids so hilarious, don’t know why people hate them so much their funny!!!

daniibaby500 says:

lools . WTF. howcast is pure stupidity at it’s finest sometimes . I don’t even take half their vids seriously. ;)

Al2ies says:

Wow… Seriously? I’m blown away they are helping people with something so immoral. Hilarious though!

Juli San says:

Wth did I just watch?

Muzzdon says:

Haters, Howcast is doing some things for fun, you don’t have to hate the video, if u dont like it, unsubscribe and get out. And live Howcast alone. we still enjoying it.

TheVodeezy says:

Step 1: never get married in the first place

ersinozdas1 says:

lmao, whats next how to wank?

Lorenicities says:

Howcast: How to ruin lives

shadowmare97 says:

Why not just stay single dammit… All the one night stands you want, with none of the broken hearts and shattered trust.
If you want a relationship, BE READY TO COMMIT before you actually commit.

enuvune says:

the only thing i took away from this vid was another reason to hate the french.

lolmagicproductions says:

Before it got weird yes.

TheAldinBasicShow says:

Next they will have a how to kill yourself. “We’re not saying its a good idea, but…”

jony2jack1 says:

how many of you liked howcast back in the day

JustDMarie says:

OK howcast, I get that we asked for the old kind of videos back…. BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

Deathsquadstudios4 says:

Next: How to grow pot and not get busted.

Ayoubmode says:

Satan told me that he’s converting into a good creature because after watching this video he realized that Howcast & similars do better job than his.

abyssalspecter93 says:

Are you serious?

Ayoubmode says:

French people are innocent from this rubbish, they must sue this channel.

Voltronkun says:

I’m actually surprised this video has more dislikes than likes.

rajdeep101 says:


JCLYM says:

Heard of satire?

weeniesaurus says:

Wow this is just terrible.

Caressa B. says:

Wow! Really good video and advice. Definitely using these techniques next time. And if I get caught, all I have to do is say Howcast told me to. Thanks guys!

TheFirstNeuron says:

Yeah, you have a point there, but I’m sure adultery is less socially and lawfully frown upon than murder.

James Conroy says:

Oh god howcast, oh god!

OptimusPAUL93 says:

No fucking way. First, I saw “How to Masturbate” and now this. I can’t wait until December 21st

zombiebrainnnz says:

too late. total bitch achievement unlocked.

niza4ever says:

i dont thunk its the kindof thing you can really joke about, its like telling someone to lie, its not a good idea, but if you want to do it here’s how to..

123890twilight says:

If its nor a good Idea then don’t uoload

CPalmer022 says:

Please grow up before you start saying things on youtube… 5 year olds need to stick to they’re pokemon.

CPalmer022 says:

Are you 5, or have you been spending alot of time at church?

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