How to Have an Affair

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Close Learn how to have an affair. How to cheat on your spouse without getting caught!

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madmatt784 says:

I bet you must have been a awful woman to drive him away from all that.
You should have learned to swallow

tshorse says:

I let my husband get pussy on the side…he said it was more about sharing and closeness, to talking about other things…well, the bastard gave me STDs and now Herpes, i read his text messages and it was like 12 sluts he was ” talking” to and even gave out our most intimate info.. we have lost any bond we ever had and trust is out the window. we have 2 young boys…..the selfish bastard cares not ….devasted

peterski111 says:

This website is a piece of SHIT for people who have no RESPECT for marriage whatsoever. Listen to this crap: life is too short, have an affair. What the fuck is that???Losers

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