How To Search Sex Offenders In Your Area

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This is a tutorial for people who want to search sex offenders in their area, it is a government ran website, it only gives people in the US ability to search sex offenders in their area, but other countries can search in the US too. I’ve seen another video about this…that’s how I learned about it, so i decided to make a video as well, please watch and enjoy! ☺ Link to website:

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MrPacMan36 says:


xD that sucks, lol

MrPacMan36 says:

wow… wtf?!

SightlessEscape says:

what freaked the shit out of me was i used 2 live in a house 1 year ago with neighbors that are rednecks and hooshers, well anyways, i used my ipod touch to locate them near me and it popped up and it SHOW MY OLD NEIGHBORS so now i am fuckin scared ::))

MrPacMan36 says:

thats cool… this video is one of the 10,000 video tutorials on how to search sex offenders, why don’t you go take your ranting ass and bitch to one of them, so they can tell you the same thing… since you obviously have nothing better to do…

besides this is for help, so people can be on the lookout…

ApparitionZ says:

So you support publicly listing teenagers who had consensual sex with other teenagers and offenders as young as five? They are on registries too. Plus many have families you are also victimizing, including children. Asshole.

MrPacMan36 says:

lol, wow, thats cool XD

KennMb says:

dude theres this thing

MrPacMan36 says:

Thanks, yeah, lets hope O.O

gabonicabitis says:

Lets hope people find them and kill them. Well done for putting this up.

MrPacMan36 says:

lol, no problem ☺

jsncirca says:

THANX…..pretty interesting
no sex affenders near me!! yay

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