Hrithik Roshan To Have An Extra-Marital Affair In Krrish 3 ?

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The upcoming sci-fi super-hero entertainer, ‘Krrish 3′ is doing the rounds of the B-town quite often lately, be it for engulfing a Hollywood approach, or for its well suited celebratory star-cast in the film.
However, having predicted the action-packed moves in the film, the recent buzz now claims that the lead protagonist, Hrithik Roshan will not only romance his apparent wife Priyanka Chopra in this upcoming edition, but also portray a third angled twist in the love story.
Reportedly, hot-hunk super-hero will also have a passionate love interest on his next lead being, Kangana Ranaut. According to sources, the duo will also share some intimate scenes in the film.
Well, does that mean the audience will also see some extra-marital affairs in this much-awaited sci-fi film? Or will it be a double role of Hrithik Roshan? The viewers will surely get a glimpse of surprise love triangle twist this time!

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