Husband Caught Cheating with Another Man’s Wife

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The Bedroom Frolic commercial from Ashley, the world’s leading married dating site: “This couple is married, but not…

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Bleedingviolet rose says:

its bitches like ashley madison if thats even her real name that the
divorce rate is high in the usa..if she wants affair why doesn’t she just
stick to it.. instead of creating a website that destroys n ruins good
marriages!! also i believe the site should be shutdown altogether since
shes not doing any good for society anyways.. shes creating more divorces n
wrecked marriages…

William Greene says:

Believe it or not this site was made by a married couple.

Jeff Brewer says:

No content

bubbajolee says:

I wonder when they’ll make the commercial about a couple getting divorced,
& all of the mahem associated with it, because A.M. helped one of them
cheat. Seriously, people, if you want to act like you’re single, STAY

seneca hamilton says:

Now das

Christian Røde says:


Psychokyle 94 says:

dude this site is wrong. i want to sue whoever made it and rip off all
their parts that give them pleasure. freakin whores.

ImCool415 says:

Seriously, this is nothing compared to everything thats out there. and its
not prostitution. nobody says anything about Eharmony, and this has the
same concept. theres websites like “adultfriendfinder.” & they’re not being
called prostitution asites. if someone in a relationship cheats using A.M
its not their fault, its your couples fault. people need to stop
complaining about this.

gekisen01 says:

that girl in the commercial is hot

BrookerStooker says:

please upload in higher quality <3

Laforet89 says:

Its a legitimate business. Like their CEO stated in other interviews
commercials arent gonna drive people towards affairs. Dysfunctional
marriages will. They arent promoting infidelity they’re simply giving
individuals more secure methods to practice it.

u3of52 says:


NewChannelsFTL says:

@wtffbrittanyy If you’re with an abusive person, call the god damn police.
Cheating will probably just make your spouse more violent (I mean
seriously, what kind of logic is that? That’s like covering yourself in
meat to keep dogs from biting you). There is absolutely no way to justify
cheating, no matter what eh circumstances are.

BangalaSoul says:

this is fucking beyond messed up!!! Infidelity should be banned from this
culture or world!!! this shit is sickkkk!!!!

Discreet2Infidelity says:

love it

ImCool415 says:

where on that page does it say you’re going to find true love? when did i
say you can find true love on that page? i didn’t. i said, regardless if
the website is up or if it gets taken down, those people that want to
cheat, ARE GOING TO CHEAT.people don’t cheat to find true love, people
cheat for sex, attention, & passion. and yeah, i’ll say eharmony isn’t
“EXACTLY” the same, but i’m more than sure that not Everyone on that
website is legit. Just sayin.

TheDarkestofKnight says:

You know what…as sick as I think this concept is, they’re right. It’s not
promoting infidelity. If you’re relationship is intact or you are against
cheating, you won’t be visiting the company’s site to create an account. I
can’t believe there’s a business plan that revolves around a concept like

paulzer0o says:

I tried vvvvvv,DateUs,tk never had problems w/ this site and I believe that
their network is not limited to the United States but also Europe. Never
asked me to pay $20-40 a month.

velu reethi says:

Hot hot

shylessness49 says:

@asktonywhy Any institution who encourages directly dishonesty will sooner
or later get sued by the cheated spouse for large amount of cash and will
fail. Fact is, they always had that option of cheating, you retard. They
just can be honest in their affair (as if lying to you loved one was MORE
THAN ENOUGH). This website is just crying for legal actions. It’s pathetic,
as are you.

NewChannelsFTL says:

@MelvinThe42 Then that’s cowardly on the man’s behalf and cruel to whoever
the wife is.

Jack Fontaine says:

Lifes short. Have an affair?? WTF? If you dont like the person divorse them
or break up with them wtf do you get out of making them look like a fucking
fool while you go stick your dick in or get your fucking vag pounded every
god damn night. Jesus this fucking world… Ashley Madison- Lifes short.
Lets share STDS!

asktonywhy says:

I suggest that you all get a grip on your emotions. This is just a business
site like all the rest. The site doesn’t make anybody do anything they
don’t want to do. It gives them an option that might be more than they had

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FuzzleLand says:

Yeah, and a lot of people capitalize on peoples drug abuse and start
cutting peoples heads off

MelvinThe42 says:

@NewChannelsFTL What if you are a gay man eho married a woman simply to
stay in the closet.

FaLlOuTbOyFaN5271 says:

messed up

MelvinThe42 says:

@NewChannelsFTL I guess you’re right.

u3of52 says:

Sounds like a service a Serial Killer could use!

MlCl20 says:


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