Kamal Haasan – Gautami END 13-year Live-In Relationship

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Kamal Haasan – Gautami END 13-year Live-In Relationship

Senior southern actress Gautami Tadimalla has parted ways with Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan after living together for 13 years. The actress herself has confirmed this sad news on her blog. She quoted saying that it is heartbreaking for her to say that she and Mr. Haasan are no longer together. After almost 13 years together, it has been one of the most devastating decisions that she ever had to make in her life. She also said that their paths were irreversibly diverged and that she has been struggling to compromise with things for the last two years. She further added saying that the news about the separation is depressing and making the news public is not an act of seeking sympathy or blaming the actor. It is no secret that she has always been a fan of Mr. Haasan since before she came to the film industry and she continues to admire and cheer on his monumental talent and achievements. She has stood by him through all his challenges and they have been precious moments for her. Well the duo has been living together from past 13 years after Kamal’s divorce with his second wife Sarika. However, Kamal and Gautami never got married! So share with us your views on their separation. To know more Bollywood news, tune into our channel.

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