Larry King Live: Dr. Drew and Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman

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Infidelity and Ashley Madison are the focus on Larry King Live.

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andy le says:

Adam keeps it real. I do not cheat, would not cheat, and dont plan to cheat. That being said, it is not as if Ashley Madison is responsible for people cheating in relationships.

EngageToPromote1 says:

Visit the Ashley Madison site, at this special link, and find out if married dating is for you!

jorgenmac says:


imcrazy85 says:

uhm, really? check your punctuation and grammer ;)

TheWetdreamer7 says:

It dosnt matter if hes not forcing people to cheat but only creating a platform to help them cheat. “limewire” only provided a platform for people to illegally share data. The issue is that he is encouraging the problem. If there was a site where people could upload videos of themselves committing crimes (theft, murder, drug dealings, ect) That site would be taken down in less then an hour. the platform is just as responsible as the people using it. ITS CALLED ACCESSORY TO CRIME.

aluisious says:

LOL. Those were both full sentences, you fucking moron. You’re so fucking stupid it hurts.

imcrazy85 says:

good one. i see you are at drew’s level. you can go fuck yourself and shove the sarcasm. learn to write a full sentence if you are going to insult.

aluisious says:

LOL, there’s the generic sexist horseshit coming out. Yeah, the man did something wrong. And then the next sentence you roll out the “boring” excuse, which is actually what many women use as their excuse to get divorced and generally financially rape their husband in the process.

Maybe the wife is just a horrible narcissist. How about that?

aluisious says:

Yeah it’s totally likely that an idiot who can’t write coherently is able to accurately evaluate Dr. Drew’s mental capacity.

Fuck off forever, seriously.

aluisious says:

“Doctor Drew is touching me inappropriately.”

Oh god, I already know why her husband cheated on her.

FranBunnyFFXII says:

Dr.Drew, Listend to you for years and i have to agree with you.
You over the radio tought me about sexuality and thethings i needed to know.
And theres so much to learn from you.
Keep on being the public figure that fights for the good of humanity ^.^b

boluke26 says:

If that’s what she calls inappropriate touching…?

poohxbear5 says:

Adam Corolla keeps it real.

Colleen Condon says:

Good Lord people, get over it…MARRIED PEOPLE CHEAT…ALWAYS HAVE…ALWAYS WILL. If you are fractured by this whole AM thing and married…TAKEN, lol…ask yourself…is my SO one of these 5.5 million cheaters? If so, maybe you should take a long hard look at, and within yourself. Married spouses…DO NOT LEAVE their spouses bed, unless they are pushed out. Put up…or shut up! Seriously.

imcrazy85 says:

drew you are a complete moron .degenerate

TheYellowtulip says:

Don’t blame you wife if you don’t know what is the reason she cheated on you.Maybe you weren’t good in bed. Maybe you had too many fights and didn’t give her enough attention. Wives don’t usually cheat unless the husband does something wrong. Maybe you were just boring and were not mysterious enough and acted like a doormat and yes she might not have wanted a divorce because divorce costs money or the kids were involved. Maybe she just wanted to feel passion and feel loved again.

TheYellowtulip says:

People have always cheated by disguising their status as single instead of married on dating sites.

TheYellowtulip says:

If people want to cheat they will cheat anyway in singles bars and single dating websites just by writing they are single. This website allows people with similar situations to already know what to expect instead of asking people if they are single or married.

AngelicaK992 says:

HAHA! “split you”!

AngelicaK992 says:

lmao at 3:40…”just one second” *puts hand on shoulder*!

AngelicaK992 says:

I would have to agree..haha nice point!

gwyyyyn says:

“dr drews touching me inaproipriatly” LOL that women is basically insane. I love drew!!

Adam Reddy says:

I was shocked when I found out about ashley madison. The slogan? Fuck what day are we living in, convincing people its ok to have affairs and be unfaithful. Its no different then advertising someone to go steal or kill because life is short.

clipwatcherx369 says:

Its funny, because even though i have no sympathy for this lowlife ceo, i would love to know why we havent confronted the ceo’s of cigarette companies. Talk about damaging lives and influencing kids…

MrFallout3isthebest says:

@xxphoebegirlxx you know, its not only men who go on that site, and maybe some men just don’t tell their wife’s to divorce because they might have kids and they don’t want to be separated from them. I agree with you when you say its sick, but its not only to blame on men. btw sorry for my bad english, i’m french.

HeyLexxxie says:

Helloooooo its called a seperation or divorce!

xInv3itabl3x1 says:

who cares shit happens if ppl do this good for them why judge them

Ndawgie says:

Get it on!!!

fac3kr3w says:

Infidelity sickens me. That’s all I have to say for that matter.

Ryansax1983 says:

You mad bro?

Ryansax1983 says:

I bet Beiderman is a LITERAL millionaire.

Getthefuckoffmylawn says:

Biderman sounds like a Jew name.

blastitude says:

if you encourage people to do drugs and they do indeed end up doing it, even though they know it’s bad for them – who is really wrong ? the people doing drugs should own up to their responsibilities. they are the ones doing drugs because they are weak. you ask people to jump to death and they do, who is the one really crazy here?
I can agree with your point of glamorizing crazy shit to teens, but we’re talking about adults here. adults should own up to their actions.

Boi1da254 says:

@nyc1103 seriosly, when was the last time anyone’s listened to their soul in today’s world.. he simply just streamlined what people arer doing already.. its like the big pink elephant in the room. no one wants to be cheated on but keep it real, people arent cheated becuse he made a mgic website, it would of happened anyway

Luvsiren says:

I want Dr. Drew to touch me inappropriately…over and over and over…

Headhunter004 says:

but this guy is ENCOURAGING people to cheat, and making it much easier to do it without being caught, meaning people are going to cheat MUCH MORE now because of this shit! If you encourage people to do something, anything, some WILL follow up on it.

And people have every right to be outraged at this site. Think about it: if I made a site that was devoted to encouraging depressed teens to kill themselves, would that site be very well-received by a lot of people? HELL NO!

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