Magic Finger: Find the G Spot!

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An infomercial for Magic Finger, guaranteed to find your G Spot FOR you. You’ll be amazed at the results! Frustrated Woman – Liza Fernandez Frazzled Housewif…

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Arqua Jewelleres says:

Ok. I’ve become incredibly jealous of my brother’s best friend. He’s
actually been alone for life. By a fluke, he has got a model to love him in
no time. Just how is that even thinkable? He explained to me he tried the
Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning fell for me… I’ve
not before seen him so fulfilled. Kinda makes me frustrated.

DG Sathjaya Sandaruwan says:

I’m annoyed. My nephew resides above me. I’m irritated because he just
lately turned brilliant at getting girls. The guy discovered the Master
Attraction website (Lookup in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him
bringing chicks back. He’s continually bringing women back. I can’t help
but hear it. It’s gross. I wish he never found that site.

bidhya manandhar says:

I wish to discover ways to seduce women. My cousin has begun going out with
a 10 simply because 60 days ago he joined an internet site called Master
Attraction (Google it if you desire to learn how.) I’m green with envy
because I want to fall in love as well. How come it’s so difficult? I’m
gonna check out this Jake Ayres guy’s stuff. Bizarre thing is, my friend
previously had no good fortune with women. How could you change so quickly?
His girl’s a fucking model!

Vsevolod Nizvestzov says:

You already know that troublesome occasion when your friend (who’s been a
loser forever) gets a beautiful girl to fall for him in 2 weeks?!
Absolutely, that just happened. I am aware that I should think well done,
having said that I want it to be me. He said he applied the the Cupid Love
System (Search in Google for it). I wanna hide out inside of a cave

Peter G Millington-Wallace says:

But wait, there’s more

tallaussiebloke says:

FYI : Andrew Goldenberg = Goldentusk

Jhosner Alvarado says:


MrRob159357 says:

hahahahaha like if u tryed to call the number

Brady2k10 says:

@TheBlackbutler3 they can squirt vag juice though

Nasty Jay says:


TheCorruptedLove says:

lmao geez to funny

António Francisco says:

Try BAN, FUNK IT, Official Video!!!

MsTriceypoo says:

This was the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen

jamie438391 says:

she came in her own face lol!! MAGIC FINGER!!!!!!

yelton7 says:


MegaMegawar says:

Thumbs up if you knew it wasn’t porn but you still clicked it.

Pradeep Maurya says:

this was some serious sh**!

YellowMan3r says:

hahahahahaah crack upppp!!!@!@!

Aexexx says:

1.03 Old man husband has tits. 1.16 Postman licks the …um, stuff off his

Fuckinletmeinyoushit says:


juan2066 says:


Alejandro Meza says:

@Fuckinletmeinyoushit bs

Fuckinletmeinyoushit says:

@hellofromgod2001 only after anal… hahahahahaha.

Lecuser says:

hahhhahhahaa omg haha my favorite is the mail man, *gets splashed* and
says, “Someones using magic finger” then *he licks some of it off his own
face hahaha

Don Man says:

i now where at

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