Male contraceptive pill may be possible within 10 years

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Originally published on December 9, 2013

Scientists in Australia have found a safe, effective and reversible approach to stop sperm transportation following ejaculation without affecting men’s virility and libido.
Previous contraceptive pills have tried either to alter a man’s hormones or to make sperm unproductive. The new technique is expected to work like a temporary vasectomy.

Scientists at Monash University used genetically modified mice to trial a drug that blocks two proteins required to move sperm. The mice appeared normal and had sex normally, but sperm remained in the male’s testes.

The researchers are now in search of a pair of drugs that can produce the same effect in humans. Lead researcher Sab Ventura told Medical News that a male pill based on the research could be possible within the next 10 years.

Allan Pacey, a fertility expert at Sheffield University, told the Daily Mail: “We need to do a few studies in humans to be sure this works in the way it has in mice and there are no side-effects.”


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