Mehow “2 Minute” LoveRX Episode 6 “Locking In”

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In this episode Mehow & new girl Rebecca teach you how to lock In without getting resistance from the girl. Btw, if you missed any of the episodes make sure to go back and watch them. All of the episode have key tips that will help you improve your game if you implement them correctly. Watch and Learn… Enjoy! PS If you want to learn how Mehow gets multiple hot women consistently like Rebecca watch this video – and enter promo code “SPECIALTREAT”.

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ramencurry says:

It’s nice technique break down.Great break down and demo!Some guys do this stuff with guys for demo.I would rather to see with hot assistant.Ha,ha,ha.

jdcguitar says:

audio is fine, room acoustics are shite

charwinger21 says:

Just clip the mic to your shirt collar, and then switch it from stereo to mono while doing video editing so you don’t get one ear that’s a lot louder like in this episode.

Daniel Vagg says:

old school is new ?

Mehowtv says:

ill let her know … that everybody thinks … her ass is awesome

tommieloveable says:

She had a nice little booty too.

actionmentalitytv says:

@mehowtv thanks boss

Mehowtv says:

well contact you tomorrow. teaching today

actionmentalitytv says:

@Mehow I sent you an personal message via youtube. I would like to be in your G12 program. Let’s connect sir, I’m in the Los Angeles area.

Mehowtv says:

we used a lav mic under my shirt to get me really clear … i sound echoye though. well work on that.

scottcates says:

Thought Mehow’s audio was pretty good.

umargil123 says:

the audio is really bad. fix it.

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