Mehow’s “2 Minute” LoveRX Episode 1 – “Intro to Kendra and Lorry”

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Meet Lorry and Kendra! If you have questions for Mehow or things you want Mehow to explain on future “2 Minute(s)”… post them in the comments section and we will consider it for future episodes. Btw, if you missed any of the episodes make sure to go back and watch them. All of the episode have key tips that will help you improve your game if you implement them correctly. Watch and Learn… Enjoy! PS If you want to learn how Mehow gets multiple hot women consistently like Lori and Kendra watch this video – and enter promo code “SPECIALTREAT”.

PinExt Mehows 2 Minute LoveRX Episode 1   Intro to Kendra and Lorry
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Mehowtv says:

honestly the house doesnt’ really help. hurts actually. i like living here, don’t get me wrong. but every girl i personally have to fight a ton of LMR. things were way easier at my old house in san diego which was just a 2 bedroom condo. thinking that im getting results cause of my house is , factually, backwards

sterlthepearl1000 says:

Your right gabrieloconitrillo Mehow could speak up a little more. I had no trouble hearing what the other two women were saying.

Mehowtv says:

more on that in the upcoming vids or check our our 10second attraction system, pretty much everything you hear me say in these vids comes from that one book

Mehowtv says:

ill get it dialed in even better with the subsequent episodes. thanks for the feedback

gabrieloconitrillo says:

constructive feedback: horrible sound :)

issuez305 says:

I wanna learn more on approch technics what to say when facing women

Mehowtv says:

ya … love those guys

theoneandonlypete says:

Nice Flight of the Conchords reference there.

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