Mike and Chester couple rings?

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Fer Bennington says:

Prueba irrefutable (? Lol. Esto es extraño, sin dudas.

Ayee Gutierrez says:

Somebody should ask them. Maybe it’s a better idea to ask Chester, Mike gets kinda nervous when people talk about bennoda :P

darkndeeper says:

Well, I gotta admit this is kinda weird, and it actually made me think lol


And sincerely I think it’s cute! :3


They are married!! chaz with talinda and Mike with Anna! It doesn’t mean they have ‘couple rings’ ._. and if they had it THEN WHAT? could be friendship rings! ._.

silverglepha1985 says:

Little amount of views – give the link to some ppl who make bennoda video. They’ll spread it

silverglepha1985 says:

Interesting idea. You shud reseach the matter: whenChester got divorsed and got married again where the ring moved (dates), when Mike got married (dates) where the ring moved? and so on. It’s the way you can prove it.

silverglepha1985 says:

or you mean these rings onthe middle finger? I’d love the idea, but… idk

silverglepha1985 says:

well, i think i’m lost what you mean. Mike is married and Chester is marries too. That’s why they have rings,right?

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