Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison being Interviewed by Reuters

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Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison being Interviewed by Reuters

PinExt Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison being Interviewed by Reuters
tafbutton blue16 Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison being Interviewed by Reuters


Elizabeth Z says:

@EF2000CanFly who’s Jesus?

Elizabeth Z says:

@EF2000CanFly you’re a brainless psychotic.

Dailybabble says:

Just remember this social networking also contribute into infidelity making
the relationship to fail. Its funny that they forgot to mention social
networking sites like Facebook,Myspace, and yes YouTube is part of the
community don’t blame it on them and yes social networking,service
community, and dating sites are business. Where does YouTube get all the
money? Jesus lol

EF2000CanFly . says:

Life is short… repent and be saved in the name of Jesus Christ

leonheart00 says:

Oh yeah and women have no room having affairs, you damn women force men to
marry before they want to. We woulda been glad to have meaningless sex
forever… why didn’t you just stay single and make everyone happy instead
of forcing a man to get feelings and then hurt the hell out of them with
this kind of behavior. You wouldn’t let them screw around either you
hypocrites. (not all women but a lot of women cheat)

EF2000CanFly . says:

@lizkel Jesus Christ died even as he was a perfect son of God. He died so
that we sinners can be saved by His death and grace on the cross. As a
result, we who deserve to die and go to hell can have the hope and promise
of life everlasting in the Kingdom of Heaven! Peace and grace to you!

noppy4lyf says:


ugotserved911 says:

If your worried about a stupid website ruining your marriage, ur marriage
was never worth it in the first place. Dont blame ashleymadison for
infidelity, which has bn around for eons. the websites only bn around for a
few years.Do what u have to do to keep ur relationship intact, dont blame
others for ur spouse’s infidelity, which is ultimately ur fault and ur loss.

EF2000CanFly . says:

God loves you too!

leonheart00 says:

Yeah I love how people all treat Tiger Woods like the original sinner and
supposedly millions of people use this site. Either way this is hypocrisy.

duffdastuff21 says:

while its not his fault other people cheat. It’s morally reprehensible that
he provides such a service and glamorizes such activity. He loves to say
he’s preserving marriages but thats probably the 1% against the other 99
who’s marriages get ruined by extra marital affairs. That’s like saying
cigarets preserve your lungs because 1 out of every hundred cigarette
smokers have healthy lungs. It’s dumb logic. And no matter where you come
from you should be against lying to and deceiving your spouse!

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