Opie & Anthony: Woman Complains About Ashley Madison Radio Ads (11/12/08)

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A woman calls in to voice her displeasure with hearing ads for the affair dating site on the radio. To listen to The Opie & Anthony Show live, five days a we…

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KaveMonkeyKram says:

is there like a ten second silence around 8:00 for anyone else?

Demendred says:

What a cunt. 

Mike Z says:

Ashley Madison stinks.

HackBennys says:

I hate blue laws. Here in TX I can’t buy beer before noon on a Sunday cuz
stupid Christians try to force their “morality” on others. I guess
christians wouldn’t go to church if they can be getting drunk, at least,
that’s the conclusion I draw from that stupid law.

Jio Wavewind says:

Shes a cunt and should get hit by a bus.

Brendon Mustaciola says:

This woman is too annoying to get even the most skinny cocktubes tumescent.

UnlimitedRaikoh says:

Brilliant post Jason

Tsadi9Mem9Khet9 says:

Those fucking people should all be killed, and I do not give a shit what
anyone who is known to be completely immoral has to say in dispute. Amazing
how fucking scumbags who know what pieces of fucking shit they are morally
will chime in in defense of adulteresses and the fucking low life, garbage
sub human animals who fuck them, and whose willingness to do so makes it
clear that they and the fucking diseased holes they do it with cannot be
trusted by anyone for anything.

BlackAsHellMel says:

Opie needs to learn that saying something over the phone is NOT saying
something to someone’s face like they’re in person.

Major Austin says:

Ehn I see where the broads coming from but I doubt that website was that

demo3456 says:

Did anyone else hope that silence at 8:00 was this cunts car slamming into
the back of a semi-truck trailer.

hisoj says:

when I’m forced to stick up for gay cuckold shit like ashley madison, you
know the whiny twat is full of shit.

Smac McAndrews says:


Brendan Legweak says:

i agree with the limey cunt below, totally fake, brb spreading marmalade on
my open wounds.

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