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There are always plastic surgery horror stories wandering around on the Internet, but one woman living in Jiangsu, China, has a new one to share.

Xiao Hua, a married mother of one, had breast implant injections done about 13 years ago. She elected to have Amazingel injected into her breasts, which is a hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel, manufactured by Nanfeng Medical Science and Technology Development Co. At the time Amazingel had been on the market for 4 years and was considered groundbreaking.

Even with her breast implants Xiao Hua was still able to breastfeed her child, but she noticed that he suffered from a variety of allergies and was often in poor health. She began to suspect that her breast implants might have affected her son’s health.

Despite her suspicions, Xiao Hua kept her breast implants even when she began noticing hard abscesses and nodes near her triceps. The injections in her breasts also started to harden, giving her breasts a “rock like” quality.

But it wasn’t until one morning when Xiao Hua woke up to discover that the gel injections had slid into her back that she decided to visit the doctor.

The doctors inspected the uniboob jutting from Xiao Hua’s back and unsurprisingly, told her that they’d have to operate and remove it. Doctors withdrew over a liter of infected fluid and gel from Xiao Hua’s back and also had to perform surgery on the remaining tissue of her breasts as the infection in the Amazingel had cause tissue necrosis in her breasts. They said if she had waited a few more months the rotting tissue would have become septic.

Doctors said that patients who receive breast augmentation injections often have infections or complications after surgery, even years after the procedure. They recommend seeking medical help if patients notice anything wrong with the implants.

Unlike Xiao Hua who almost lost her life to a little procrastination.


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