Polyamory: Married and Dating – Triad

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Lindsey comes home to her family.

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outlaw525sktm says:

I think its great the word is getting out about these kind a relationships. We are 27 and 29, my wife and I have were in love with our girlfreind of 1 year. She had to move away and now we are dating a wonderful lady in a polytriad and we both enjoy her and she enjoys us. With a dedicated couple and lover this can work and work well but it takes effort! No jealousy and lots of communication will go miles.

Mossa el sos says:

fuck this is so sick people , what the hell is goin’ on ???

MojaveLV says:

So if this isn’t wrong…WHAT is wrong when it comes to romantic relationships? Also, to claim that relationships are relativistic, and that absolutism is incorrect…would be to argue against your original premise. I guess this will be the next marriage equality debate. Brave new world indeed.

Muninn Myrkvi says:

He’s such an emotional sponge. He’s mostly boring as hell, but then it comes gushing out at the worst times.

CleezyClark says:

Lol hes not gay, he’s Italian :P hehe jk jk Ahhhh this seriously has to be the cutest triad ever!

daddaflex says:

all look at the amazing pervs

robopandakittycat says:

Paulie Shore?

xenabbclassy says:


reallyreallynotreal says:

Lucky fag.

krononomikon says:

lol, these idiots are so stupid

SisOwnz says:

hes gay

Kenny Burgess says:

Honestly, you don’t know he’s gay or even bisexual for that matter unless he says he is…

hdzsound says:

I see one gay(maybe bisexual)
And 2 lesbians.

Bastian Döen says:

yeah… guy with two women is obviously gay…

HackBennys says:

Lindsey is so hot, anyone know her last name? And if she does porn? She looks porn-familiar.

YoungJulietTheGiant says:

the fact that polygamy includes ONE man for SEVERAL women is a form of sexism and discrimination. but love is love, so it’s not that simple…

MichaelGPersonal says:

I feel he’s gay so he got two women to cover it up

Hoppi Alex says:

agreed, it is wrong.

DaddiPanther says:

I know lots of people who live this way. Its not so uncommon peoples!

DaresDaresson says:

First off, let me say that I think people should be able to do whatever they want, have two girlfriends, three wives, whatever.

THAT SAID, this “documentary” is uber fake. These people are totally actors. They just look too polished, too perfect, and the dialogue seems so scripted. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw the dude who plays Thal in a car commercial, the one with the hot air balloon. It think it was VW or Subaru or something.

whattheschmidt says:

I came here from the Dexter preview. I like this almost as much.

AnkokuEvangeline says:

What are you talking about? I didn’t “stoop to their level”.

thesheizz says:

lol it isnt that serious, im sure the guy meant metro, he is just too stupid to understand how to use the right words. dont let the lower class uneducated people get to you. correct them in their mistake and love your life above them. dont stoop to their level, cause theyll beat you in it

thesheizz says:

i hope you realize that many humans today ARE infact polyamorus, one night stands and multiple mariages are proof of that, men and women have both dated many people at the same time, did all partys know, probably not, but if you have had sex with more than one of your partners then youve have done this. im sure many humans have had sex with more than one person, and if your not a virgin, im sure you have too. all humans do it its actually normal and scientific proven

thesheizz says:

i dont think they are trying to promote it in any way. clearly these people do it, (he two married couples) and it is a real thing in the world, its not saying go out and try this, because they talk about the drawbacks as well as the advantages. its just opening up the sexual world more to all that is out there, and showing people all the different things that happen in the sexual world

thesheizz says:

i dont like how the blond girl is always on the brunettes case, she isnt married to her! if the HUSBAND had that much of a problem, let him tell her, as far as im concerned she has the least say in the triad because she has no legal conection to either of them, SHE CAN BOUNCE

maharawj says:

Except for the fact this could be completely fake and all of them could be actors. We know that most reality shows are.
So then its kind of creepy as to what this show is trying to do in terms of social conditioning and it is promoting something here. And if they are going to “promote” it this way it makes me(and should make u 2) why are they doing that? Sm1 said that you can control people through fear and immorality.The fear part was evident, immorality? ah then it struck me, here’s 1 example


sustitulos por favoooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr :) 

JulesKel1 says:

mmmmmmm those two girls are yummy. Ditch the guy and just have each other, much sexier.

devilshomie says:

I think Anthony is in the closet, maybe he thinks if he gets two girls then that will make his more straight or something

Alyna Howell says:

This is so fucking stupid

assemblyguy says:

damn.. I want some too.

jcrewchick says:

Anyone know where we can find episodes of this series on youtube?

Cookies205 says:

I’m not saying that things can’t be abnormal, just that being abnormal doesn’t make them wrong.

I have no idea why people would want to eat sh*t, but they’re not hurting anyone else, so why the hell should I care what they do. I think it’s gross but it in no way affects me as a person or my life as a whole, and since it neither affects me or others, then it really isn’t anyone’s business to dictate to them what they must, or must not do.

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