REPORTER – Episode 4 – Part 2

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Google statisitics show that Pakistan is the leader in online searches for pornography, and search terms containing the words SEX, and RAPE. In this episode The REPORTER team asks people across Pakistan why they think this is the case. Guests: Riba Shahid, Raiha Aftab, Palwasha Khan.

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Munis Quadri says:

dude i am enjoyin this!!! amazing denials!!!

tutu1234 says:

Dude at 1:20 U r an Honest Guy! God Blesss you! Dude at 1:12 u fuking lier ur Face tells me u Wack watching Camel porn!

-Woman at 2:01 is an excellent example of living in Denial and Delusion.

-2:08, 3:16 Liers look at ur faces ….

-AT 3:29 every body RAM AWAY even in the BACKGROUND lol

-3:55 Truth again comes up! Dude 4:47 Long Life to You!

-5:00 Liers on the Roll!

-6:02 Mullah comes out to be the MOST HONEST GUY Long Live This Mullah!

-6:43 Lier in a Suite!

-7:37 Boooooriiiing

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