Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Married!!! And Happy Halloween!! :D

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Robert Pattinson says he married Kristen Stewart during the filming of the new Twilight movie: Breaking Dawn (Part 1 & Part 2) because during the wedding sce…

PinExt Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Married!!! And Happy Halloween!! :D
tafbutton blue16 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Get Married!!! And Happy Halloween!! :D


Leticia avila says:

eres una copia de filipdefranco mames das pena men

Killian M says:

your absolutely adorable!!! =)

IceDr4gonfly says:

I’m half philippina and i recognize a pinoy accent in you. Love all the
philippinos! They good looking and funny :D

Angelina Koliy says:

You’re hard to understand…

Gogeta3366 says:

@thegr8stever :p you

voldemortrules101 says:

Already watched ‘Friends 4Ever’ I’m subscribed!!!!

Meson Joe says:

Are really in love

candysurge says:

When’s your next google+ hangout?

electroscandal says:

@fggfmxs :’(

Esther Miller says:

Halloween for me is earning $50 for babysitting tricker treaters and
watching while making fun of Zombie movies. Starting from the British ones
all the way to the ones I bought in Amsterdam. Zombies are pot heads in
Dutch Zombie movies. SFG (so fuckin great).

Mackenna Closson says:

your funny az heLL lol

Alan123123123 says:


thegr8stever says:

@WritingSchiozo101 lol :P

Mike Donnelly says:


The Artistic Pagan says:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It’s my favorite HOLIDAY!! I think it should be more than
just one night :) I got all dressed up and passed out candy to the kids!!
Had some great costumes this year!!

casual astronauts says:

holy crap they’re married? WHOA!

ZuperElg says:

Hahaha, you are funny x3 “Shut up, shut up!”

SpyralVideo says:

You get almost all of your news from Reddit, don’t you?

ItsMattHoff says:

cool hoodie. long title. good video. OK BYE!1!!!!1!! <3092130287

Kayla Franklin says:

you know i really like your hair. :) .

thegr8stever says:

@SpyralVideo The costume pictures? Of course. I mean it says so in the
description “The Top 23 Halloween Costumes Of Reddit”. So yeah, I guess I
“admit it”.

Bhmcity says:

i like how u call the info box your penis lol

elmer mateo says:

ama get wasted nd go to school hungover:(

ELOUISEproductions says:

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – Relationship Headlines on my channel,
check it out?

Iomina Maitinnara says:

Lol cool video

WritingSchiozo101 says:

Zipper Face frightens me! Happy Halloween! :D I’m glad to see a new video.
And, yeah, I did Like it for trick or Like. Too cute! :)

thegr8stever says:

@328450J :/

Issey H says:

your hands are so distracting!! but great videos

evilkaz200 says:

what am i doing this holloween….chillin at my house watch youtube videos

iHashTag says:

This fish was in my sandwich last night :O I have to admit that it was
delicious especially the third eye!

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