Russian beauties at St.Petersburg Club Party with DJ Tiesto

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Beautiful Russian Girls all over the mall club in St.Petersburg Russia. DJ Tiesto plays a set and is shown in the end. Russia has the hottest girls! SONG NUM…

PinExt Russian beauties at St.Petersburg Club Party with DJ Tiesto
tafbutton blue16 Russian beauties at St.Petersburg Club Party with DJ Tiesto


Daulton Gordon says:

Russian beauties at St.Petersburg Club Party with DJ Tiesto: via @youtube

daulton gordon says:


daulton gordon says:

Russian beauties at St.Petersburg Club Party with DJ Tiesto: via @youtube

christopherjc says:

There is a God! lol

NellyBananas says:

Racism is the sign of a truly ignorant mind. Grats on being a fucking total

floresed says:

You are out of your mind son! there are hot girls in many countries but I
say Sweden and Russia have the highest quantity of gorgeous babes on the
planet. I know from experience :) .

Never back says:

Really? That’s something new to me.

BOON601 says:

me to. but the italians are a very close second. :-)

chpzzz21 says:

lol @ stuck-up girl: 0:45

rapozaofl says:

parece o raizes no guaruja

kerier1911 says:

lol 5 ballov:)

Super666satanas says:

Kiero ir a russia a ese club siiiii

NellyBananas says:

There are no finer women in the world than those with Eastern European
gene-stock. That’s why I married one =) Russia FTW! Ochin harasho!

Globalizator1 says:

Фигня какаято наркоманская (( bad vid.

Spetz says:

@lundenike another user said that this isn’t a regular club, that it’s at
the Grand Palace boutique gallery which was rented out for this event. It’s
on the main street in St.Petersburg, Nevski Prospect, which runs by all the
major spots in the old city.

srghnyuj says:

I’ve met both americans and russians and I have to agree with you, they are
exactly the same… except for the fact, that they are completely different.


I love it iwill go russia soon

midooo4eve says:


aviomaster says:

Pure race is very important. Not that I want to kill all others , But these
people are simply THE TOP …. Number 1

jimmyjohnson691 says:

@chpzzz21 ahahaha yea

Spetz says:

@0099wrestler fuck your racist mentality

yulakoshka says:

the girl at 3:54 is the UGLIEST girl I’ve ever seen, i hate those kind, so
full of them selves but in real life their just nasty…

SubZeroNATO says:

and how was it? :)

GoGeR030 says:

greetings from Serbia

kurojin97 says:

@whatitischief yea….tiesto came to sac in may of 2009…it was his first
appearance here….the club was held downtown at the convention center

greken145 says:

Whats the name of tha club? I have been twice in St Petersburg and i love
it :) ))

Spetz says:

Russians are very different in many ways! Both have several big things in
common but there are vast differences as well.

zasira2050 says:

Он не в Италии,он в Питере,но у тебя деньжат маловато для этого клуба,а
особенно для девочек,что в этом клубе! На русских девушек деньжат хватает
только у кавказцев,а тебе по карману девочки из ролика
“Славянки-сохранившие честь”,они тебе и саблю и одностволку почистят!

Salvador Tomas says:

can anyone tell me the name of the first music?

Alex Dediox says:

5:36-5:40 lovely girl(милая девушка)

Muscler says:

1-Vodka 2-Kalashnikov 3-Women Thats Why I Love Russia <3

Zaankanter says:

@JohnAntonyFortune That’s why Russians dominate martial arts and weight
lifting:-) The guys in this club are elite, they get enough girls with
their wealth. Normal Russian guys are more masculine than most in the US.

Yamalishe says:

Какие-то большинство некрасивые… Носатые бля. Чо за хуйня??? Это Питер?

miamisunkrokodile says:

2:33 Fernando Alonso ;-)

Nemanja Djurovic says:

i want to come in russia,russia is the best country in the world.greetings
from montenegro

DnBJkeee says:

golden dolls

armfckazer says:

i miss u Russia aaaaaaaa but fuck u ukraine

manny298 says:

these girls all look too innocent…

mani8313 says:

Leaving to st. petersburg n moscow trip on day after tomorrow.. :) first
time to russia.. very excited.. :)

Alexandr Mikhazlov says:

I even got here…ееее

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