Sex and Skydiving

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Rosina freestyle skydiving 2009.

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Zapamation says:

This entire video was pointless and gay..

kkingss4 says:

maybe it says sex because there is something in her butt as she falls?? its
the only explonation!!

RGH Jasper says:

Wheres the fucking SEX!!!!!!!!!!

COD71248 says:

@petkol its parachute

Steve Norris says:

Rosina’s a hottie and I’d love to jump with her.

webmindset says:

Skydiving chicks kick ass! That’s why I jump :) Blue Skies!

marktimmer2212 says:

thinking about sex is not realy sex everybody knows that.

Jimmy Ray says:

fookin fruit cakes!!!!!!

dudehuge says:

this is the gayest song ever

Inu Yasha says:

@OfficialHDAccount Outside youtube.

andorei14 says:

Achmed: Holy crap, karate in the air!!

gilhouly says:

Where’s the SEX???????

petkol says:

parashuting is as close to sex as one gets :) Blue skies!

iLoveSkydivingVideos says:

Nice edit, but where’s the sex? Search for “skydiving sex” on
iLoveSkydiving-dot-org to find “The Secret to Skydiving Sex” video :)

maplebunnysprinkles says:

this has nothing to do with SEX AND SKYDIVING

OfficialHDAccount says:

where is the sex?

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